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Wish List #61017: LG Front Load Laundry

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I need this in my life.

Some mother’s wish for early bedtimes, quiet before their first cup of morning joe, or world peace, but me? Nah. The thought of finally getting a new washer and dryer after 13 years is really what makes my heart swelled with happiness. Recently walking through Best Buy I actually had a lump in my throat and a few tears streamed down my cheeks as I saw the most beautiful sight my eyes have ever laid eyes on: the LG Front Load Laundry. If you only knew how badly I need a new washer and dryer, but if you know me, then you understand how picky about my appliances until this one. 

So let’s chat on why this LG Front Load Laundry is so special and above and beyond the rest. For starters, the benefits include: cleaning, convenience, and my favorite, gentleness on clothes. What I did not know was cleaning performance with front load laundry is much better than top load machines. Front loaders use less water and consume less electricity which my family and I are BIG fans of since it will lower our carbon footprint and take our home into the eco-friendly direction we are headed for.. The washer also spins at a faster pace keeping the clothes drier in return reducing overall drying time: WINNING!

The perfect washing machine for laundry

The perfect washing machine for laundry

Let’s face it, you’ve seen Kiddo’s closet and she has some gorgeous pieces. I want them to stay looking brand new as long as possible. Knowing the LG Front Load Laundry have the capabilities to be gentle, yet effective makes me want to invest in this product over the weekend. 

Complete Your Laundry Room

But I didn’t even get to the BEST part yet. The LG Front Load Laundry — are you ready? Has a “SideKick” with additional capacity which allows you to wash TWO loads at once. Did you just hear the angels sing because I did!

The perfect washing machine for laundry

Now here’s the fun part, audience members of The JetSet Family will receive an additional $150 savings when purchasing the LG Front Load Laundry Washer and SideKick for a limited time. So what are you waiting for?

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  • Marysa June 23, 2017

    I have an awful washing machine! I would love to have this one instead. It is so frustrating when the washing machine isn’t efficient. This one has a lot of great features.


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