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Whole Foods: Whole Body

Whole Foods Boiron


Did you know that once a year, Whole Foods Market offers 25% of all supplements* during their 3-day Whole Body sale? Nope? Me neither. So I was really happy when they approached me and asked if I would share this info with our JetSet readers. It’s running this year from January 24th to January 26th and includes lots of whole goodness.

Whole Foods Boiron

Recently, during the Golden Globes HBO Luxury Lounge, I met with a resident homeopathic pharmacist for Boiron. I was a little familiar with the brand, but I wanted to know more. I left with an assortment of Boiron products and I decided I was going to put the homeopathic meds to the test since I’m convinced medications just do not work properly for me the way it works for others.

Let’s just say I’m now a believer.

Here are my three favorite Boiron products:

Quietude® natural sleep aid. 

Oh. My. Goodness. Where has this stuff been all these years? Now let me be clear, this is not and I repeat not a sleeping pill, so put down the caffeine. Quietude somehow quiets the brain from thinking to much. On the computer? Thinking about your calendar and all the miracles you need to perform? Take Quietude three hours before you want to rest and without even realizing it, you’ve turned the monitor off and placed the phone on the charger. This stuff is the real deal.


Our family relies on Oscillococcinum® when flu and flu-like symptoms begin to pop up. Popping a tube of Oscillococcinum® calm colds and flu before they progress. It’s also a must have for my travel carry-on. Planes are one big petri dish and the last thing I need on top of jet lag is the flu.


JetSet Tot is far from dainty. Even though she is tiny, she is so rough and tumble especially from her knees to her ankles she bruises so easily. Even though we’ve had her checked annually for iron-deficiencies and anemia, the doctor has repeatedly told us she’s just a very active kid who is prone to the shin bruises. With Arnicare, we can gently rub in the gel or cream on to the skin and rub out these bumps and bruises.

For more information, please visit Whole Foods on Facebook, Twitter, or locate your local store’s information here.

*Supplements include; however are not limited to: proteins, meal enhancers, SuperFoods (chia, flax), probiotics, vitamins A to Zinc. This promotion is being honored at Whole Foods in Southern California, Arizona, Las Vegas and Hawaii only.

Hugs & passports,

– Nicole

Nicole_StandleyNicole Standley a.k.a. Jet-Set Mom, is a social influencer + lifestylist covering luxury travel and fine-dining with a sprinkle of fashion & pop culture. Follow her latest travels, escapades and behind-the-scenes antics on Instagram, Google+ and Twitter.

This paid advertisement has been furnished by Whole Foods Market. On occasion, contributors of The JetSet Family receive products, compensation and/or services gratis or at discounted rates. This practice does not hinder the influencer’s point of view. All descriptions are factual and accurately reflect the overall experience.

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  • Danielle @ We Have It All January 28, 2014

    I swear by Boiron products, especially the Oscillococcinum – that stuff is like magic!


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