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Weekly Rewind

Who is Jillian Lauren?

This week Jillian Lauren and her recently published memoir Everything You Ever Wanted was EVERYWHERE. I was first introduced to Jillian’s story the other morning when I opened up an email from Hollywood Housewife and I was immediately intrigued. Laura is such a talented storyteller and I couldn’t wait to dive right in. Sadly, I was gifted with the super hero power of perpetually running late, so I was forced to file the email away with hopes I could read it later. Well it turns out later was just an hour or so. I am a firm believer that the Universe whispers. And whispers. Then gets louder and louder until it screams and finally clonks you on the head making it impossible to ignore. Jillian Lauren was around every corner — on my Facebook feed, Twitter and even Instagram. Here’s an excerpt of her story featured in Harper’s Bazaar: No One Told Me How Hard Adoption Would Be. (Photo: Harpers Bazaar) 

Jillian Lauren

From A to Zoe

So those following me on Facebook saw Rachel Zoe won *major* points this week by sharing with her readers Why Opening An Office Nursery Was Rachel Zoe’s Best Business Decision. Two words: I DIE. For the record, I never not liked her, and I have always been a slave to her 70’s glam style, but after many years together, just like Tiger and Lindsey, we simply needed some time a part. It was a mutually parting of ways I’m sure, but it’s times like these I wonder if she’ll take me back because RZoe: NAILED IT.  

“My advice to you: Never apologize for being dedicated to your kids and challenge those around you to not only acknowledge, but celebrate your ability to be a mother and an asset in the workplace.”


Nightmare Roommate 

Lindsay Kavet of Expressing Motherhood hit publish this week on what could be the most important + powerful post ever written about blogging conferences: My Conference Roommate Made Me Miserable. At first, I couldn’t believe she was going to go there and I hated myself for giving into the click — are we really going to witness a public smackdown? Not sure how I feel about this. Mom 2.0 is really tiny, even if she didn’t name names, everyone would know who she was talking about. What could this roommate have possibly done or said to deserve this scarlet A? I buckled. Sadly, I could relate and I’m glad she outed the fool. I had a very similar experience a few years ago at Mom 2.0, and now I’m really excited to give it a shot all over again. But this time I have the best roommate ever

Tell Me Something Good, Y’all

In honor of Reese Witherspoon launching her new lifestyle line, Draper James, here are 73 things we never knew about the southern belle turned Hollywood’s sweetheart.

No, Thank You, I’ll Just Have An Iced Tea

I have maybe 6 – 8 alcoholic drinks a year on the average. I probably wouldn’t even have that many if I didn’t enjoy writing about them so much. As I sit here typing, I cannot recall in the 15 years I’ve been with my husband either one of us coming home after a long day and pouring ourselves a drink. Our fridge always has beer, and our wine cabinet is well-stocked, but it’s just there for company. We’re not anti-, it’s not like we’re not aiming for a sober lifestyle, or in a program, it’s just not our thing. But it is a thing for many. I often wonder if I saw my parents drink regularly at home would I be more apt to drink as an adult? I found Meredith Maran’s angle on the subject very interesting and eye opening in her post, “I’m Not Drinking Right Now”: Sometimes Even Non-Alcoholics Need to Stop

Vamp is back people. VAMP IS BACK!!!

Did you see Lily Aldridge’s vamp-tastic pout on the red carpet of the Met Gala? I sure did and I was pleased as pie. As for the frocks, Facebook sure did have a lot to say about the gowns this year leading me to the stark conclusion that I do not share the popular opinion – like ever. So who were my glam favorites? Well even though I’m more of a Charlotte than a Carrie, there is no denying SJP reigned supreme in the dress she deigned with H&M. (Honorable mention going to Katie Holmes + Rhianna.) Look at these two stunners. (Photo: Andy Cohen)

SJP Andy Cohen

I’m a runner. 

No, certainly not the C25K kind of runner, more like Forrest Gump. I get scared and sprint. Not run away completely, just far away enough that I can hide behind a tree and still watch to make sure everything is OK. When bad things happen to good people I have no idea what to say, and I know it’s my biggest weakness. I always talk myself into thinking I’m intruding or they need some space when the truth is the exact opposite. Then when I do try to say something, I end up tripping over my words and saying something horrible. Emily McDowell reminds us that being sick can be lonely because of this very reason and launched Friendship Through Cancer Empathy Cards. This is my favorite:



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