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ARIA: Weekend in Las Vegas

ARIA Resort & Casino Las Vegas | The JetSet Family

Travel Instagram Thursday

This week on Facebook and on the blog, I asked readers if you could spend 48 hours in any city where would you go? What would you do? Who would you go with? The usuals came up: New York, San Francisco and Paris, but the one U.S. city I was surprised wasn’t mentioned: Las Vegas. Part of me understands why, and part of me doesn’t. 48 hours in Vegas can be hard. Not as in impossible, but just exhausting. Everything about the Las Vegas Strip is BIG with a “those with the most toys wins” mentality. That being said, Vegas can also be beautiful, luxurious, and 48 hours is the perfect amount of time to experience this. Today for Instagram Travel Thursday, I am revisiting a past trip to ARIA Resort & Casino Las Vegas to prove, Vegas is not all able gambling. 

Waking Up In Vegas

Soon after moving west in 1999, I visited Vegas for the first time. I instantly remember seeing through all the hoopla at what Vegas was really like. It was a lot different from the Atlantic City I was used to. Beyond the neon lights and cocktails by the yard, there was an opulent side that most just wouldn’t understand unless you experienced it firsthand. Vegas, well it can be a bit overwhelming since absolutely nothing in Vegas is understated.  Remember Sharon Stone a la Ginger Rothstein? Exactly. I was a little bit of eye opening coming from NYC where wealth is hidden beneath a concrete jungle, and in LA where logos are a no-no, sunglasses are everything and everyone is wrapped in boho-chicness. But I still loved every minute. It was and still is an easy getaway. Check-in and don’t leave until check-out. There is no reason to. The food, the service, the rooms – everything is grand and first class. 

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Viva Las Vegas

When you pull up to ARIA, it’s quite impressive with it’s one-of-a-kind commissioned works of art, but it is hard to embrace it’s vast magnitude until you enter the doors. A quick glimpse of the casino floor might give you a sneak-peek of your sky villa, but you have no idea of the sheer luxury until your room card clicks and your hotel room door opens. And you have not lived until you’ve spent time getting ready in a bathroom like this. This alone is what dreams are made of.

Little Less Conversation

Two of my favorite restaurants happen to be at ARIA Resort & Casino, Jean Georges Steakhouse and Sage which is artisanal American cuisine. I love the vibe of Jean Georges Steakhouse so much I’m known to pull up the website just to listen to “The Sounds of Jean Georges Steakhouse”.  Right now? I’m grooving to Evan Dando belting out “Mrs. Robinson.” Life is good. And Sage might be my favorite restaurant in the world. There are places you remember simply because of a small brief moment in time and for me, it was a late-night tasting at Sage. For those traveling to Vegas with the family, believe it or not, you do not have to sacrifice fine dining – there are plenty of options.

Leaving Las Vegas

And not all pools in Vegas are created equal. Sure some have lazy rivers and others are the Spring Break mecca, but this one is definitely an oasis in the middle of the dessert — especially with a Very Berry Mojito in hand.

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Photo credits: Nicole Standley

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Review overview
  • Reeta @houseofanais June 5, 2014

    I so agree with you. I also like Aria and going to Vegas, but at the same time after a weekend I am so ready for some peace and quiet without all those neon lights!

  • Lisa Goodmurphy June 5, 2014

    We went to Vegas for the first time last year with our daughter and had a great time! We stayed at the Four Seasons though which is non-gaming and was really a quiet break from all the noise of the Strip. We didn’t gamble at all but we did see some great shows, had some amazing meals and we loved playing in the Mandalay Bay pool area – I would definitely go back!

  • leigh powell Hines June 6, 2014

    This is a great post, Nicole. I have not been to Vegas in a long time, but wouldn’t mind going back now.

  • Hatton June 6, 2014

    I agree – I love Las Vegas! I’ve only visited for work, I’d love to take a trip with my husband. There is so much to do!

  • Christie June 9, 2014

    Sadly I wake up in Vegas everyday. My 48 hours dreams have been about an AMAZING Glamping spot in Montana I am dying to try!


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