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Walking Across The Brooklyn Bridge

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge with kids

No Sleep Till Brooklyn


How many times have you heard that?


Did you really think I could possibly write this post without at least one Beastie Boys reference? I’m not that mature. Kiddo and I arrived from LAX to JFK just as the sun was sinking in the west. The skyline was beautiful. A far cry from the sub-zero weather New York City was hit with just a few days before. As our driver zipped to get us to our Lower Manhattan hotel, Kiddo caught glimpse of the historic Brooklyn Bridge. That’s when I saw the wheels in her head begin to spin.


Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge with kids


The minute I told her we could actually walk across the bridge and head over to DUMBO for some lunch the next day she was sold. See, we don’t walk across bridges in Southern California. This seemed more like something out off of the TV show Amazing Race rather than an afternoon stroll. Every now and again, you need to play tourist. You’ll miss way too much of Manhattan’s historic and iconic landmarks if you don’t.


Before I get into our Brooklyn Bridge adventure, I wanted to share with our readers what a great area of New York City this is for those traveling with families. You’ll be able to read more about it in my dedicated piece for our hotel, Millennium Hilton New York, coming up in the next few days. We’ve always pinpointed Midtown or Uptown as our family travel headquarters, but not anymore, Lower Manhattan is amazing.


Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge with kids

The Best Time to Walk Across The Brooklyn Bridge


Wednesday morning came way too soon as the bright sun reflected off of the Hudson River and peeked through our blackout curtains with a bright, proper New York City wake up call. We may have still be 3-hours behind and suffering from jet lag, but we were ready to take a bite out of the Big Apple. And Kiddo was on a quest. Today we tackle the Brooklyn Bridge.


In general, mornings after rush hour between 10am and noon are great times to take the walk. Sunset is also magical depending on the weather.


The moment we stepped outside of our hotel (which by the way was really nice, I can’t wait to share, and the views were spectacular,) Kiddo nearly passed out once she got a whiff of that familiar New York City smell. Part subway, part cigarettes, part bodily fluids, and part dirty water dog carts. For a second, I actually thought she was going to turn around, lock herself in the room and see how much it would be to take off to Paris for the week instead.



This trip was entirely her idea. This is where she wanted to spend her 11th birthday. She wanted to do everything: Broadway shows, shopping, eating, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, The Plaza, The Met, MoMA, public transportation, Central Park and The Brooklyn Bridge. But would she last?


Do Kids Enjoy Walking Across The Brooklyn Bridge?


Overall, my kid is a trooper. Once she got to the bridge and looked around she fell in love. Not once did she complain about it being 40-degrees. She whipped out her cell phone and took as many selfies as she could get with iconic sky rises in the distance behind her. The blue skies were crystal clear, and the visibility allowed you to see everything from the Statue of Liberty, and Freedom Tower, to the Empire State Building and beyond. And she looked darn cute all wrapped up in winter ski clothes thanks to Abercrombie Kids. Too bad she’s more used to shorts, tees, and bathing suits courtesy of Vineyard Vines.


Now having said that, I saw plenty of children freezing and not too thrilled with having to walk the distance. It’s not far, but the cold can make it seem like the never-ending walk!


Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge with kids

Oh won’t you let me twist your fate


She snapped photos, recorded confessionals, and jumped like lightning out of the way of the “BIKE LANE,” before getting run over, but when we got to the stairs to walk down under the highway to get to DUMBO she stopped, turned to me and said, “I’m not going down there! No way. No how. Let’s go back and get sushi.




She *IS* my daughter, isn’t she? Either that or the NJ / NYC DNA completely skipped my kin and she is 100% a blonde hair, blue eyed, surfing California Girl.


Seems like we got our answer: California through and through.


Have You Walked Across The Brooklyn Bridge?

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