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An Evening at Medieval Times

Medieval Times Tourneament Dinner VIP.

A Medieval Times Birthday Celebration

I first met my best friend in first grade. We didn’t know at the time we were best friends, because truthfully we weren’t. I was a girl, and he was a boy, and those two things don’t often mix in first grade. We also had absolutely nothing in common. We probably said maybe 2 words to each other, but our moms were best of friends so we were bound by their friendship which explains a lot.

My mom and Arlene (who ironically, after 35 years I still call Mrs. D out of respect,)  had a really special friendship. Kind of like sisters. I remember thinking even as a child, I hoped that one day I would have friendships similar to theirs when I grew up. But in the end I got something even better than a gal pal. I got the guy pal. That boy in first grade is more like a brother, and my best friend. He’s family. He’s Coco’s uncle, and the ordained minister that married Jamie and I when we got married. This all stemmed from first grade. 

Medieval Times Tournament Dinner VIP.

Now I’m my mom’s age and I have a dear friend whom I adore. Her son and Coco have been friends since 2nd grade and their friendship sometimes feels as though history is repeating itself. There’s a comfort knowing my daughter has a friend like him. He’s such a cool cat, super smart, big heart, and a blast to be around when he makes Jamie and I laugh. So when I had enough of Coco begging me to take her to Medieval Times I finally gave in and immediately thought to bring Gavin. They don’t bicker, they laugh, they act like monkeys, and he’s ALWAYS respectful to Jamie and I. I knew he’d have a blast.

Red Knight Rules!

I hadn’t been to Medieval Times since I was a young adult well over a decade ago and really didn’t know what to expect, or how it would change. But the moment you walk into the entrance, you know you are leaving the world behind and transported back to the Middle Ages into a world we’ve only ever read about it history books. 

Since we were celebrating both Coco and Gavin’s upcoming birthdays, we opted for the King’s Royalty Package which grated us priority access to the castle, VIP seating in the front row of the Celebrity Section, a Knight’s rally towel, cheering banner, VIP lanyard with laminate, personalized announcement during the show, and framed group photo which will be one of my favorite souvenirs for a very long time.  This built up the anticipation even more for two 10 year olds who have never the dinner theater. Are the Celebration and VIP packages at Medieval Times worth the extra cost? YES. 100%

Medieval Times Tournament Dinner VIP.

Our wench quickly seated us in our front row spots where we were excited to cheer on the RED Knight. The sounds, the lights, and the overall production made me forget for the moment that I was about to break bread and dine on a feast sans silverware. And in true Cable Guy fashion, the conversation went a little like this: 

Can I get a knife or fork?” And without missing a beat, or waitress, or “wench” said, “There were no utensils in medieval times, hence there are no utensils AT Medieval Times. Would you like a refill on that Pepsi?” So we had a round of Pepsi products and bottled water. 

Medieval Times Tournament Dinner VIP.

And then we sat back and let the action-packed tournament and medieval feast keep us on the edge of our seats for more than two hours. It’s a big, hearty dinner consisting of oven-roasted quartered chicken, sweet corn cobbett, a light vegetable soup, herb-roasted potato, garlic bread, and dessert of cookies or celebratory cake. And I must say, the food tasted good and I was pretty impressed. 

Medieval Times: Chivalry, Rivalry and Revelry

Medieval Times is the #1 breeder of pure Spanish horses in North America, and all Knights begin their training as Squires – just as they did in the Middle Ages. They are taught the proper horse care, sword fighting, falconry, and weaponry. It takes a minimum of six months of training to become a Knight.

Medieval Times Tournament Dinner VIP.

When jousting, the Knights charge at speeds of approximately 15 to 20 miles per hour and reach an impact velocity speed of about 30 to 40 miles per hour.  An interesting fact, is the Knights perform with real metal weapons and wear authentic armor. During battle scenes, real titanium swords create sparks which are not an illusion. Due to the battles, every shield must be repainted after every show.

Medieval Times Tournament Dinner VIP.

The Knights and horses have a stage of  sand laid across the arena which is filled with about 4,455 cubic feet of sand and takes 10 dump trucks to unload making it easier for the horses to perform. Each year, 25 foals are born at Chapel Creek Ranch, where they spend two years training and our horses enjoy retirement at the ranch after 15 to 20 years of performing.

Medieval Times Tournament Dinner VIP.

The entire experience was a blast and honestly I cannot wait to go again. It’s one of those celebrations that changes every time you go, and the crowd plays into the energy beautifully. If you have been considering going, I really hope you will! Until the end of February, the cost for adults is $36.95 and children (12 and under) $29.95 with the code MT3629 on the Medieval Times website

As for Coco + Gavin, I have no idea where their paths will lead, and I certainly don’t know if they will remain in contact over the years, but one thing is for sure, I hope they are lifers like Craig and I. Always knowing you have someone that has your back even when they are miles away is a pretty special life gift.


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