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What’s Cookin’?: Vegetarian Pho

Recipe for Vegetarian Pho
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Vegetarian Pho


I’m taking my self-care promise to a whole new level thanks lately. Not only will I be preparing a lot more plant-based meals at home, but give me lots of color. A rainbow of flavors. I want all the produce. Give me the greens, the reds, the oranges, yellows, and purples. Give me mason jars of prepared salads for the week, and pitchers of freshly pressed juice to start my day. And let’s not forget all the fruits for our homemade gelato after dinner. Yes, it’s true, on any given night we will whip up strawberry or banana gelato upon request. 


Great, but, “How Do You Make Vegetarian Pho?”


I recently read a meme that made me chuckle. It was a single guy in the kitchen talking to recipe bloggers. He was begging them not to write a ton of content before sharing the recipe, so I’m not planning on failing that mission.


Let’s get to that vegetarian pho I am about to dish up tonight for dinner. This will make all of my culinary dreams come true: quick, easy, and delicious. 





Recipe for Vegetarian Pho


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