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The Year of ME


Thank you domain .ME for encouraging me to be honest about this year.

2015. I’ve dreaded this year for as long as I could remember. The very thought paralyzes me to the core. My so-called big milestone birthday. The big 4-0 (I can’t even type the number.) The big ME. I suppose it’s not that big of a deal. I mean if Carrie Bradshaw could make it over the 40 hill in her Manolos, so can I. Right???? And Brenda and Kelly must be forty by now, right? Wait. Pause. Rewind. Look what happened to Donna Martin. I refuse to become Donna Martin. 

On January 1, I vowed to keep all of my baggage in 2014. Spend the last days of my thirties neatly packing away all my worries, insecurities, inhibitions and anger or sadness I’m holding onto. Tuck them into a pretty little box with a big beautiful white bow, and drop-kicking the sucker into oblivion. So much for eloquence and grace, right? …I’m working on that, too.

The Decade of ME

I’ve dubbed 2015 “The Decade of ME” and I invite you to come on this journey and be by my side. I’m going to share what I’m doing to live the best life possible and how I’m doing it. Step-by-step. I want to make my life count. I want my words and the actions of my life spark life into lives of others. To mean something. This is my Jerry Maguire moment. My mission statement. 

I started this blog so that I could live the life I always dreaMEd of. I wanted to be the architect of my destiny. Well the blueprints are done, the foundation is poured and now it’s time to start decorating my future. 

Then this beautiful reminder from Alex came in the mail…

The Year of ME

Ignore the White Noise

Throughout this ME movement, I am going to find out who I really am, while being the person I always was. Does that even make sense? OK, let ME try again…I’m going to seek out peace, love and true happiness while rocking out to the Foo Fighters on my Beats by Dre, wearing Chanel tweed and my Chuck Taylors. Together.

Empowered. I’m going to revisit the Monday afternoons when I would sneak up to Chateau Marmont and enjoy a cup of coffee by myself on the terrace, while making small talk with Radiohead (that really happened.) No apologies. I’m not going to care what the cool “mom trends” are. Why are you trying to change ME now? I’ll ignore you if you tell me I can’t wear argyles with Birks and throw shade in my big ‘Drunk Mom’ sunglasses just because you think they’re soooo uncool. Simmer down there Bruno Mars fangirl because I’m going to embrace my preppy 70s rockstar chic. I’m down with “Uptown Funk” like the rest of them, but this is the year of ME. Just because you’ve seen a few episodes of The Voice doesn’t make you Gwen Stefani. I’m going to own it. I’MMMMM going to create the trends! #ThisIsMe


This is ME! And I’m Proud to be ME. The Unique ME. Watch me ROAR.

More, more, more

And I’m going to do what I love. More love, more meditation, more travel, more concerts, more shopping, more spa time, more direction, more memories, more acceptance, more self-discovery, more listening and more breakthroughs. I’m on a path and no one is going to tell ME happiness is impossible to achieve. 

Oh, and more smiling. Bring on the wrinkles! (And the Creme de la Mer since we all can’t look like Victoria Beckham.)

Forty Shmorty

I’m in it to win. January 23rd you don’t scare ME (OK, well maybe a teeny-weeny bit?!) I may go kicking and screaming, but next Friday is the first day of the rest of my life.

But, you don’t have to be hitting a milestone to make these changes. Celebrate your very own “ME Day.” Domain .ME declared March 16th, 2015: “ME Day,” a day to promote diversity, tolerance, freedom, self-appreciation and importance. You can follow along on social media with #ThisIsME and on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

So will you please join ME? Together, we’ll live BIG! 


Photo credits: Nicole Standley

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Review overview
  • J Merrill January 16, 2015

    I hit that milestone not too long ago myself so I can relate! You’re going into it with a great attitude.

  • Travel Blogger January 16, 2015

    I love this! I hope you make 4-0 your best year yet!

  • Kristin January 16, 2015

    Good for you! I was thinking the same thing when 2015 rolled around, because I’ll be 45 this year. 45?!?! That doesn’t even seem right. How did this happen? LOL.

    All I know is, I don’t feel 45, or look 45, so…it doesn’t really matter. Right? Right!! I’m with you, on everything!

  • Kristi January 17, 2015

    Girl, I did something akin to your “me” project a year and a half ago. Not as formal, but I started *really* listening to my inner voice, and I haven’t been led astray. It’s such a great journey! Wishing you luck, joy, laughter and love as you learn more about you 🙂 What a great feeling it is to look in the mirror and say, “THERE you are! I’ve been LOOKING for you! You’re FABULOUS!!”

  • Patty January 17, 2015

    Happy Birthday – 40 is nothing to fear. It’s just another birthday. Think of it as the 22nd celebration of your 18th birthday because don’t you really feel 18 inside? I still do and this year I’m marking the 38th celebration of my 18th birthday. Embrace it. Love it.

  • Mistee Dawn January 17, 2015

    Sounds like a really great year. I would definitely love to travel more and get some more me time.

  • mel January 18, 2015

    I hope this is the best year for you!!! Happy bday!

  • Rosey January 19, 2015

    Your positive attitude is contagious. 🙂 Wishing you the best new year ever!


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