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Tips for Finding Your Travel Zen

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Traveling is wonderful, but can be stressful. Now toss in the holidays and there is nothing zen about it.  Did you know almost 100 million Americans travel each holiday season? I knew it was a lot, but never realized that many. Then factor in bad weather and the high cost of traveling and it’s enough to want to stay home. 

Look at the bright side, it doesn’t always have to be like this. 

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Tips for Traveling Over the Holidays

Travel off-peak – AAA anticipates a record number of cars on the highway. Try to avoid peak travel days and times.

Expect to wait – Arrive early at the airport and expect longer wait times.

Do your research – Comparison shop for the best deal on airline tickets or hotels. Check coupon sites for deals or consider redeeming credit card miles.

Download apps – Download the latest smartphone apps to help make travel more stress-free. Check weather apps for updated weather information. Use airline apps to stay on top of flight delays. To avoid traffic times, use real-time updates from apps like Waze, which can provide alternate routes. There are even tools to keep track of your travel itinerary.

Plan for the unexpected – Think about worst-case scenarios and have a backup plan. For example, if your flight gets cancelled could you snag a cab ride to another airport nearby and book a flight there, or take a train instead?

Consider travel insurance – Travel insurance can help protect that trip investment — but also be an extra resource. Some providers offer assistance with rebooking flights or booking hotel stays in the event of a long travel delay.

Expect to pay more – For last minute flights and hotel rooms at popular holiday destinations, plan to pay more. With that being said, make sure you’re leveraging your travel rewards to maximize your travel spending. For instance, Venture Card from Capital One enables cardholders to redeem their miles on any travel-related expense, which can be crucial for curbing those outrageous, last minute, unforeseen costs.

Use Miles to See More of the World

Now, fast forward. As people begin to set financial resolutions for 2016, it’s important to have specific goals. Quite often, these goals revolve around travel. By using tools made available by the Venture Card from Capital One, you can easily set a plan in motion that will help you earn more miles to use for all of your future travel dreams. 

Montage Hotel Pool | The JetSet Family

Travel rewards credit cards offering double miles on every purchase is set up so anywhere, anytime, you’ll rack up the miles without the restrictions commonly found in rewards programs.  Venture Cardholders decide when, where and how they want to use their miles. They’re redeemable on any travel-related expense – from flights to hotel stays, cruises and Uber rides.

Financial Resolutions for the New Year

I love helping my readers find ways to make the most of their finances and spending so that they can enjoy more of the fun things in life. Being financially responsible only makes globetrotting even more enjoyable, and that’s why I want to share the benefits of Capital One with our audience. First off, Capital One offers straightforward, intuitive products and tools to help consumers use their money wisely, way beyond the holidays. And that’s exactly what we need when it comes to planning for future trips. 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Review overview
  • Bethaney - Flashpacker Family December 20, 2015

    I do everything to avoid travelling over the holidays! It’s the worst but these are handy tips.

  • Francesca (@WorkMomTravels) December 20, 2015

    I just started using the Capital One Venture Card and already the miles are adding up! Hoping to save a bunch and use them for next summer’s trip to Europe.

  • samiya selim December 20, 2015

    Travelling off season has always worked out for us! We hate being in places too crowded. Useful tips about points and miles!

  • Sarah Ebner December 20, 2015

    It’s tricky as we always travel in the holidays with everyone else because that’s when the kids are off school. Your advice is really good though, and we always try to stock up on airmiles by using the right credit cards etc (and for hotel points as well).
    Enjoyed the quiz too!

  • Tamara December 23, 2015

    We are big fans of the Capital One Venture card.


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