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10 Reasons to Travel Over The Holidays

10 Reasons to Travel Over The Christmas Holidays
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Holiday Break: To Travel or Not to Travel Over The Holidays?

For the longest time, my family and I have considered changing things up a bit and traveling over Christmas and celebrating the holiday break doing what we love most: travel. Then before we know it, life happens, the tree is up, plans are being made with friends and family and our dreams of having a holly jolly Christmas on a remote beach or in a snow-covered cabin are postponed. 
One afternoon, I broke out my trusty notebook and decided to have a little pow-wow with myself. My master plan was to write down ten inspiring reasons to travel over Christmas and give myself a little nudge. What I didn’t anticipate was the virtual travel bucket list of so many things I still want to see and do, not just personally, but together with my family.

Change is good, and when the change involves travel, it’s great!

10 Reasons to Travel Over The Christmas Holidays

One: Leave The Shoveling Behind

It may be hard to believe, but not everyone dreams of a White Christmas. Sure if you love skiing and snow sports, and can enjoy hot cocoa near a fire after a run on fresh powder, sign me up! But many of my readers would rather retire the tire chains, and leave the shoveling and salting behind. Well of course if the “shoveling” means building sandcastles on the beach overlooking the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean, then that’s a whole different story.

Two: Bring Those You Love

Trust me when I promise that travel over the holidays is far from getting your tinsel in a tangle, and decking the halls. It’s about the special time and memories made with friends, family and those you love most. Let Christmas really stand out by take a multigenerational trip with your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and incorporate a destination that has something for everyone to enjoy. Explore destinations your ancestors were born and go on an adventure of a lifetime that is is personal to your loved ones. 

Three: Explore a Part of the World You’ve Never Been 

This sounds like a given, but sometimes taking the first step to visit a place you’ve never been can be a bit unnerving. Don’t let that stop you, because like everything in life, taking the first step is the hardest part. Consult trusted family travel resources like our team here at The Jet Set Family. We’re always ready to help you curate the perfect itinerary and destination for a memorable family vacation. Especially one so special over Christmastime.

Four: Return to a Familiar Place and View it Through the Eyes of Your Child

This very well could be my favorite thing to do. Seeing the world all over again through the eyes of your children at different ages and stages of their lives is simply magical. Especially when you travel over the holiday break. For example, a trip to a beach resort for your honeymoon will always bring back the best memories, but then when you return with your children, the memories are immense. Seeing the joy and wonder on the face of your toddler at the Kids’ Club, snorkeling with your school-aged child for the first time, spending well-needed QT with your tween just one-on-one, and finally agreeing to let your teen parasail after s/he’s been begging since they were six years old.


Christmas Travel


Five: Embrace New Cultures

Travel is a gift and should be embraced in every possible way. Familiarize yourself with new cultures by joining in a cooking class instructed by a local master chef, take an art class, or create something with a craftsman at the market. If there is a language barrier, before you go, get acquainted with key phrases to help you navigate your surroundings. Personally, cooking classes are my favorite. There is nothing better than preparing your own meals and sitting around a table with family and strangers that are new-found friends. And whatever you do, taste everything. Somethings you will love, some might not be your thing, but at least you will never forget it. 

Six: Cross Something Off of Your Lifelist

I think we all have a long list of things we want to do, see, and accomplish throughout our lifetime and there is no better time to do it than right now. And how exciting if you get to do it amongst family? So grab that Sharpie and let’s start crossing off things like learning to scuba dive, hit the high seas and try your hand at deep-sea fishing, as I mentioned before go parasailing, zip-lining, or white water rafting. Just make sure to take lots of photos for “the ‘gram” because if you don’t post it, did it even ever happen?
Christmas Travel

Seven: Celebrate Self-Care and Leave the Cooking to Someone Else

After a long year, scratch that, a long decade, you deserve some “me time.” Put your out-of-office on lock and leave your worries, and the cooking to someone else while you bask in the luxuries of a spa. Vitamin Sea cures all, and everyone will be so happy you did this because traveling soothes the soul, transforms our thinking. It’s also an amazing way to recharge your children for when they go back to school. They avoid cabin fever, burn off energy, and return to class with a clean slate. 

Eight: Create a New Holiday Tradition

Once you’ve traveled over Christmas and the holidays, you are going to be planning your next trip even before you board the plane to go back home. And that’s OK! Start a new Christmas “travel” tradition. Pack a few stockings and treats in your bag for Christmas morning. Or ask the concierge or butler to set up a tree in your room. Collect a new ornament from where you’re staying, or do something outrageous, like have family breakfast in the hotel restaurant in your Xmas jammies.
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Nine: Visit Places You’ve Only Read in Books

Get your family involved in planning. Find out what your children are learning about in school, or if there is a place you or your partner have read about in a book that you found fascinating. The options are endless, and when a spot is chosen, have a family meeting to find out what each person would love to see or do so that everyone is excited to experience this together. It’s sure to bring you all closer. 

Ten: New Year, New You, New Decade

Where would you like to travel over the holidays? Make this trip your last hoorah of 2019. Welcome the new year, and a new decade, with a new look on life. It’s the perfect time to regroup and leave the past behind with a whole new set of traditions, goals, hopes, and dreams. 
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Where would your dream holiday trip be?


For even more travel over the holidays inspiration this Christmas, we consulted with our brand partners at Beaches Resorts and asked them to share their thoughts on the best places to travel over the holidays. And they came up with some fantastic suggestions. Take a look and see for yourself!




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