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How This Travel Blogger Stays Organized

As a travel blogger, it’s not uncommon for us to be glued to our laptops 24/7. Thanks to the help at our friends at Brydge Keyboards, I can transform my iPad into travel sized MacBook!
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We are week 3 into 2017 and I’m ready to dust off my passport and start collecting stamps again. 2016 was a tricky year that brought most of my travel to a screeching halt, but this year I’m hitting the ground running with two back-to-back trips to Mexico, followed by a third in spring  and lots of domestic travel. And that’s just the first half of 2017, and I’ve got a few more stops on the books for fall and winter that we are still plotting, planning and finalizing those. The problem? Life happens, and things get nuts. There is so much to juggle, but the one occupational hazard that comes along with being a travel blogger is we have zero down time. Our office is our laptop and as long as it is portable, there is work to be done. 


As a blogger, I am constantly typing out my thoughts 24/7, but I’ll also be the first one to tell you that carrying around even the lightest laptop is a drag. That’a a big confession considering my laptop at times feels like an extremity. I’m also old school, so I’d much rather type things out than use the a touch-screen to jot down my thoughts. Then I found my saving grace, with the Brydge keyboard it gave me the freedom and flexibility to complete my work whether it be driving shotgun through the Mojave, on a flight where the backlit keys are really convenient, or simply in my car waiting for Kiddo in the car pool line. Since being introduced to Brydge Keyboard, I haven’t left home without it, and sadly my laptop has taken the backseat and been replaced by this lightweight single piece of aluminum. You might even call it a well needed break.

The Brydge is not only user friendly, and the size fits perfectly on an airplane tray, but the design is sleek, modern and does a beautiful job at complimenting my other travel tech gadgets and accessories in a stylish way. However the biggest perk? It also has a 3-month long battery life, which gets me so excited I can hardly contain myself when I think about it. Having this type of battery life permits me to charge the unit while on the go, or overnight and avoids feeling panicked that I’m not going to have enough to last my trip.

Going through TSA check-lines are the bane of my existence specifically because of all the heavy travel gear. Since discovering Brydge Keyboards, jetting through security hasn’t been so bad. It’s light, compact and all of my “stuff” can fit in one bin which has never in my life happened before. Now, my TSA days are smooth sailing. 

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  • Dotty J Boucher February 3, 2017

    I thought this was a giveaway, anyway, I wouldn’t mind having one of these, Definitely would be helpful!


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