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That Time Chris Cornell Was Stuck Behind Us in The TSA Line. Sigh.

Today is a sad day.

This post about Chris Cornell was originally featured on The JetSet Family on September 10th, 2010. Chris was the first celebrity Kiddo ever met and I am heartbroken over the news of his passing. Rest peacefully, Chris Cornell. You will be missed by many.

Wheels up, Seattle…

Yep. True Story. I can’t make this one up. We were on our way up to Seattle one very early Saturday morning for JetSet BIL’s nuptials and I spotted him a few counters down. He was checking in with fabulous Virgin America, grabbing his boarding pass. There was something very striking & familiar about the very tall and handsome man in the white t-shirt and camo-cargo pants. His hair was tied back into a low bun, but The JetSet Fam was far enough away that I couldn’t tell it was ‘the’ Chris Cornell.

That was until he walked up directly behind me in line at TSA. He was very tan, and his eyes were like aqua-velvet seas. His voice was soft and he despite his tall stature, blended in well with the other sunkissed passengers. I tried to remain cool; however, I’m positive my face and eyes told the story of a scary woman with a thick New Jersey accent screaming like a banshee inside,

“OH MY GAWD! YOU’RE CHRIS CORNELL. THEEEEEEEEE CHRIS CORNELL. Oh, mah gawd. SOUNDGARDEN! AUDIOSLAVE! TEMPLE OF THE DOG! I might die. I need water. Why is it so hot in here? Holy mother of…I need to update my FB status NOW. Oh, mah, gawd!” 

I just looked up at him and tried my best to smile without giggling.


Chris Cornell

Sorry, no CC photos. This fangirl could not bring herself to ask.

And that’s when it happened. “Ummm, excuse me miss, is this your bag?” And the belt STOPPED! With Chris Cornell’s bag and laptop inside the scan, AND The JetSet Family’s 47 carry-ons blocking the pass. I was dying. DY-ING. JetSet Husband was annoyed, JetSet Tot was trying to make a break for it and dash through LAX security and here I was, heart-palpitations, tears about to stream down my cheeks and BAM! I totally fangirled out and psycho-babbled,

“I’m sooooo sorry. [pause] I’m a huge fan. [uncomfortable pause] I’ve been a fan since high school. [very awkward pause] I think you’re wonderful. [super uncomfortable and awkward pause] You have no idea how sorry I am for holding you up…I’m so sorry, so, so, sorry. I think you’re amazing. I’ve been listening to you for as long as I can remember.”

Oh, and it went on and on for what seemed like a good 90 seconds.

Just a wee-bit freaked out by my random act of praise, he smiled, said, “Thank you,” and told me not to worry.

After begging the nice TSA man to please just start the belt up again and allow Mr. Cornell to grab his stuff and flee, our bags were poked, prodded and searched, but we did make it to our flight on time. Frazzled, I finally got my self, my family and my stuff organized enough to figure out which gate was ours. As our seating assignments were being called over the speaker, we headed down the concourse and I finally exhaled. What a relief. I could totally enjoy my in-flight entertainment, order up a snack cube and relax.

As we stepped through the aircraft door, we were welcomed by purple neon lights and Lady Gaga songs filled the air. We turned to the right to walk through First Class when JetSet Kid once again runs as fast as her little legs can take her down the aisle and plops down in First Class next to someone who she thought looked very familiar. GUESS WHO WAS SEATED IN ROW 1, SEAT 1? That’s right. Kiddo and her new BFF, Mr. Cornell.

I couldn’t. I kept walking, pretended I didn’t notice a thing and let JetSet Dad handle it from there.

Rest easy, Chris. Thank you.

Hugs & passports,

– Nicole

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