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Thompson Nashville Hotel

Thompson Nashville Hotel Review family travel

The New Kid In Town

Who knew? Apparently, Nashville is my jam. 

I fell completely in love with Music City and I owe it all to our stay at the Thompson Nashville. See, Nashville has always been on my bucket list, but we all know my history with country music, so it was never a priority for me to visit. Until Space Camp. Turns out Kiddo’s first trip to sleep away camp was a real game changer for many reasons. This being a big one. 

Thompson Nashville Hotel Review family travel

Happy Accidents

I had not anticipated originally staying at the Thompson Nashville and stumbled upon the hotel it by accident. This is probably the best accident that could have happened because this hotel is absolutely fantastic. I waited until the last-minute to book a room, and our stay lined up beautifully with the CMT Music Awards AND the Stanley Cup playoffs. I wait decades to visit, and of course I plan my stay when the two biggest events imaginable hit the city. This just proved my point that there are no accidents because this hotel is designed with The JetSet Family in mind.

Thompson Nashville Hotel Review

It was as though the designers had called and asked, “What would you and Kiddo like the hotel to look like when you visit?” Our room overlooking The Gulch part of Downtown Nashville even had a Marshall speaker and bourbon. But it was the bathroom that did it in for me. I could have moved a mattress in and lived forever. I am not kidding. When you see the these tiled floors you’ll think you’ve died and gone to interior design heaven. 

Thompson Nashville Hotel Review

Thompson Nashville

Upon pulling up to the valet, guests are escorted into the flawlessly designed lobby and brought straight up to the registration desk. What I first thought was “organized chaos” was quickly dismissed the moment I realize that it was all an illusion. Probably to give the place a hustle-and-bustle type feel, the music is playing at a volume that is loud, yet not disruptive, and the flow feels as though there are twice as many people until you give a quick glance which will show there aren’t as many after all.

Thompson Nashville Hotel Review

If you are headed to Nashville with kids, depending on what your children are like, I’m not sure if this is the hotel for you. It’s a bit more sophisticated than let’s say, the Hilton down the road, but still worth considering. Kiddo is 10 and loved every second of our stay. While your younger jetsetters might not get the hype, your tweens and teens are sure to love Thompson Nashville.

A bit country + a bit rock and roll

Imagine if Nashville and L.A. had a baby, but NYC was the step-parent.

Thompson Nashville Hotel Review family travel

Yep, that’s exactly how I’d describe how cool this place was. In fact, it’s the epitome of cool wrapped up in awesomeness. Would I stay at the Thompson Nashville again? Absolutely. Without even thinking twice. Omg. I completely forgot to tell you about L.A. Jackson. It’s the rooftop restaurant overlooking The Gulch and well as far as you can see. This place made Kettle Corn unlike any kind I’ve ever tried. Are you sitting down? I mean it… ready for it? The Kettle Corn had bacon in it. File this under: Holy Yum. 

Thompson Nashville Hotel Review

Where is Thompson Nashville?

The hotel is situated in a great location just a short walk to downtown Nashville. You can easily Uber to and from Thompson Nashville as it’s a quick drive to all our favorite places. Head one way towards Vanderbilt University and Draper James,  and in another direction for Third Man Records and Pinewood Social. Speaking of which, stay tuned because I will be sharing about our time at Third Man Records soon. 

Thompson Nashville Hotel Review

Now that I can’t stop thinking about Nashville, and Foo Fighters are getting ready to play Nashville, Tennessee in the fall, I think it might be time to already revisit the Thompson Nashville. Foo + Kettle Corn + that bathroom? Save me a room + book me a flight NOW! 

Have you visited Nashville?

401 11th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

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