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Almost Famous • The Kids of Sunset Marquis

Sunset Marquis Future Rocker | The JetSet Family

I’m often asked the question, “Which hotel is your favorite? I’ll do my best to politely skate around the question because truthfully, there is something wonderful about all the hotels we visit, but in fact, I’m not really being 100% honest. I do have a favorite. A clear favorite. And it is not in some faraway exotic land, it’s right here in Los Angeles. Her name is Sunset Marquis.



Sunset Marquis has quite the reputation, and not only embraces the stories and legends but is quite proud of its rock and roll heritage — as it should be. Those who know me and follow me on Instagram, instantly understand why I’m so attracted to this property; however many are slightly astounded when I praise the property for being a child-friendly environment.


Doors Morrison Hotel Villa Key at Sunset Marquis

Doors Morrison Hotel Villa Key at Sunset Marquis

Beyond the Tattoos, Jack Daniels + Keith Richards


Sunset Marquis


The heart and soul of Sunset Marquis hold many secrets, but not all secrets are bad. This is a sacred home away from home where the biggest names in show business blend in with the rest of us, and the common folk are treated like A-list celebrities. It’s a welcomed swap that Tot, Hubs and I quickly get used to. No other property has celebrated my daughter’s visits like Sunset Marquis has, at Sunset Marquis she is family. I wouldn’t have picked any other place to celebrate my recent milestone birthday.

The Kids Are Alright


It’s clear to the team at Sunset Marquis children are the VIPs and superstars of the future so it’s second nature for them to be treated with the utmost respect and decency. While the property is not overflowing with kids by any means, they are still considered part of the Sunset Marquis family. The hotel realizes the importance of making sure their stay is just as memorable and held in the highest regards as those of their parents. Tot was continuously addressed, acknowledged and attended to (never mind spoiled rotten) throughout our visit, and was treated pretty much like royalty by her favorite person in the whole entire world… Francois Martin.


“Sometimes, I feel I gotta get away
Bells chime, I know I gotta get away
And I know if I don’t, I’ll go out of my mind…”

– The Who

The JetSet Family // Cavatina at Sunset Marquis

The JetSet Family // Coco + Francois


Kids at Sunset Marquis aren’t handed a plush animal and sent on their merry way like other hotels. They are considered Future Rockers, given a mission and directed on a hardcore scavenger hunt that is a blast. Inside their customized drawstring tote overflowing with fun swag like: water bottle, pool towel, luggage tag, crayons, and lanyard, is also a “passport” for pint-sized guests to visit different areas of the hotel an acquire stamps at each location. In addition to the stamp, they are showered with more swag!


Sunset Marquis Future Rocker | The JetSet Family


Everyone knows a passport isn’t complete without a photo, so the Sunset Marquis concierge arranged for Tot to have her very own photo shoot poolside.


Sunset Marquis


During our stay, I would watch her go on these outdoor adventures for hours where she became a cross between Eloise hob-knobbing in a hotel with Hollywood Royalty and Max from Where the Wild Things Are. The grounds are gorgeous, private and very protective which adds to the charm.


Sunset Marquis


The lush oasis tucked safely inside the big city leads you along a path with hidden nooks and crannies easily resembling a magical garden maze in the eyes of a child. The memories of my daughter spending her days skipping across the tiny footbridge to Sunday brunch at Cavatina, or standing under the most beautiful orange tree you can imagine feeding the Koi fish will last me a lifetime.

I hope to retire here.

Oh, the stories…


Speaking of Eloise, I sure hope Tot will share with you personally her time at Sunset Marquis. One day when she is a JetSet Mom herself, she will regale you with her conversations in the lobby with “Ms. P” who happened to once be married to a man known for TCB, memories of her feeding the fish with a very handsome actor (that I may or may not have had my very own teenage fangirl crush on,) having Francois introduce her to the biggest movie star on the planet as she and her new “alright, alright, alright” man-friend shared a bowl of fruit and nuts at the outside bar watching Saturday afternoon football together, when an Oscar winner tripped over her at Sunday brunch almost knocking his two front teeth out hours before delivering a Golden Globe speech, having a playdate with the daughter of a well-known rockstar and a VS supermodel, or when the biggest band in the world played a private concert in the dining room on her birthday and invited her to stay because by coinsidence that day, she ended up dressing up like a hybrid of the lead singer and the guitarist (note the beanie and glasses in the photo below.)


But they are her stories, not mine. They are not “juicy” by any means, just really sweet, innocent and kind.


The JetSet Family // Cavatina at Sunset Marquis


To say Sunset Marquis is special would be an understatement. I’m not sure I’ll ever find the words to properly convey what the hotel means to us. As a family, it is where our hearts long to be. It’s where we are most comfortable surrounded by a staff that we truly care about and enjoy being amongst. It’s our happy place. It’s the one place I always return to in my mind when I want to feel peaceful.


Sunset Marquis


All I have to do is imagine the huge smile on my daughter’s face while running free thru the corridors as the eyes of rock and roll icons watch over her. But most importantly, I will always remember how much she adores her “friend,” Francois, and the genuine happiness she radiates when she talks about returning.


Sunset Marquis Koi Pond | The JetSet Family

Thank you, Sunset Marquis. We can’t wait to come home again. xx

Sunset Marquis |1200 Alta Loma Rd, West Hollywood, CA 90069 | (310) 657-1333

Photo credits: Nicole Standley

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  • pattie June 28, 2015

    LOVE this!!! We haven’t visited yet, but now I’ve added it to my bucket list. So happy that it’s kid-friendly.

  • katja - globetotting June 29, 2015

    This sounds amazing! Always love a hotel that looks after parents and kids so well without being too ‘resorty’, one for the list. Thanks!

  • Tamara June 29, 2015

    Wow, sounds so special!! It is great to find these gems that you just want to go back to for the experience.

  • Samiya July 4, 2015

    Looks like a great place to stay! Ticks the box on so many levels!

  • Stephanie Be June 28, 2016

    It looks like such a lovely spot! Love the recommendation.

  • Carrick | Along for the Trip October 10, 2016


    What a great post! I love how you’ve put this together with a Hollywood insider vibe, and of course anytime a hotel goes out of their way to make my kids’ stay awesome, I’m a fan. The poolside ‘photo shoot’ with the over-sized movie star sunglasses is the best. Thanks for sharing.

    As a musician, props for the quote – nice touch!



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