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SUMMER: The Donna Summer Musical

SUMMER The Donna Summer Musical on Broadway NYC
Media Trip

Summer Is Coming

This summer, SUMMER: The Donna Summer Musical is on tour stopping at major cities across the nation. I had the privilege to catch the musical when the show premiered on Broadway, and if you’re majorly jonesing for the days of disco, and Studio 54 then you are going to love this show.


During my time in Manhattan, our group was treated to a very special “Choose Your Own Adventure” day where the influencers were in charge of each picking an event, attraction, or spot to eat to make up the Perfect 24-hours in New York City. The plans to see a Broadway show was the brainchild of the super talented, Summer Len Davis.


On The Radio

Let’s file today’s post under 70’s Gold, shall we? Those near and dear to me know all too well my lifelong obsession with Studio 54 and all things disco. If I had to guess, I would probably chalk it up to finding my mother dancing The Hustle around the house at any given moment. Whether it be in the living room near the record player, while cooking dinner in the kitchen, or even mopping the bathroom floors on Saturday morning, *mother* was 100% certified disco.  We’re talking 8-tracks + AM radio at home as well as in the car.


Summer The Donna Summer Musical

SUMMER The Donna Summer Musical on Broadway (Kevin Berne)


Hot Stuff

In 1978, Donna Summer was the Disco Queen. Disco reigned supreme as Donna Summer released “Last Dance” around the same time, Rod Stewart released “Do You Think I’m Sexy?” Even as a tiny tot I could appreciate what was going on here. But then I would catch glimpses of the NYC discotheques in the 80s on the evening news, and between the glitz, the glam, the style, and seas of beautiful people on the dance floors I was fascinated. I begged my mother to rip up the rug in my bedroom and replace it with a Saturday Night Fever floor like the one they had in the movie. But she wasn’t having it.


Toot Toot, Hey, Beep Beep!

Tube tops, satin pants, polyester galore, and tons upon tons of shimmering baby blue eyeshadow, and false eyelashes became everything. Even my punk rock goddess, Deborah Harry, joined the movement. I guess you can say my “rocker mom” alter-ego can be found far away in some alternate universe hanging out with Donna Summer and Bianca Jagger in the basement of Studio 54 wearing Halston.


SUMMER The Donna Summer Musical on Broadway NYC


But anyway… During the trip, we began to wind down the perfect NYC day with a Broadway show. We headed to the bright lights of the Great White Way to see night two of SUMMER: Donna Summer Musical at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. Let’s just say I haven’t been able to get the songs out of my head since. The audience was energized, singing, dancing, and clapping, while my girl, LaChanze, owned that stage. She commanded that audience, and the ensemble was also a blast, I swear it felt like a dream sequence, watching them all dressed in my dream closet, why yes, doing The Hustle.


Love to Love You Baby


The musical is like watching a Greatest Hits album come alive, but at the same time, the story was deep. Really deep. I had no idea the woman who ultimately became Disco Diva Donna Summer is a patchwork quilt made of many fabrics + layers. I was instantly sucked in. Listening carefully and watching her story unfold and the background stories of her biggest hits made this so special on an unexpected level. One thing is for sure, you don’t have to be a Donna Summer fan to appreciate everything this show has to offer.


Summer The Donna Summer Musical

Summer The Donna Summer Musical (Kevin Berne)


Dim All the Lights Sweet Darlin’


The three Donnas belting out those songs made me remember two tunes in particular that I love so much. Even though I will go to the grave as a punk rock and roller, I will always love Dim All The LightsMacArthur Park. Do you have a favorite Donna Summer or disco anthem?


What Is Your Favorite Disco Anthem?

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