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What’s In My Bag? Back-to-School Edition

Back to School: Must-Haves & Stylish Supplies sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com

When I think back to the days leading up to my first days of school, I can’t help but smile. The excitement of meeting my new teachers, and seeing my friends that I missed over summer break, but most of all, picking out new school supplies. Every year, my back to school list, featured the tried and true glue sticks and folders, but there would always be other things listed that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. The most coveted item? The perfect backpack. 
It’s safe to say that even years later, I’m still jumping for joy over school supply shopping because my daughter is just as excited as this rite of passage every August, so it’s become a special time for both of us. 
Our friends at BabbleBox agrees, and feels the same way, so when they reached out to us to participate in their Back to School: Styles & Supplies For Little Girls BabbleBoxx promotion, it was the perfect fit, completely organic, and something I knew our readers would appreciate as well. 

Special Delivery

Back to School babbleboxx styles and supplies for little girls
I don’t know about you, but each school year I discover something clever that I automatically wonderful, “Why haven’t I included this before?” Or my favorite, “Where were these products when I was in school?” Better late than never, I’m grateful they are here now to benefit my student.
Not thrilled to admit it, but I dragged my feet a bit this summer collecting school supplies along the way, and that is when BabbleBoxx and their partners came to the rescue. They delivered a box overflowing with the coolest necessities, as well as items that will make our getting ready for school extremely pleasant. It struck me when I noticed how well each product complimented each other making this a very special “tween” back-to-school treat. 

So what came in this incredible BabbleBoxx package?

For starters…What tween girl wouldn’t go head-over-heels bananas for their very own pink Mermaid Flip Sequin backpack from Justice? It is the hottest must-have school bag and perfect for any budding fashionista. The style is muy trendy complete with the cutest pink “puff” fob to give the bag that little extra flair. What I happen to love the most is the fact this simple accessory will compliment your child’s personality giving her a boost in self-confidence. 
Justice can be found online via Facebook and Instagram: @Justice and on Twitter at @justiceofficial.  
My daughter is obsessed with reading. She will read everything and anything she can get her hands on. From Harry Potter, and To Kill a Mocking Bird, to InStyle Magazine. But her first love is being able to hold a hardcover book in her hand and read about other children around her age to learn about their lives and cultures. Author Meg Medina has been hailed the Judy Blume for a new generation and her latest book, “Merci Suárez Changes Gears” was an immediate hit with my daughter. You can find out more on Twitter and Instagram at @Candlewick and @candlewickpress.
So switching gears a bit, as a mom, I really wanted to show my gratitude for the other items BabbleBox sent that I tend to slack on, and really appreciate: Lunch swag! Every school year, I have these grand plans to make delicious meals, but tend to drop the ball. And that’s what Packit saved our 2019/2020 school year!
I swear I could hug them! They packed the perfect sized Mod customizable Bento Container with removable dividers that separates each dish so the none of the foods overlap. We can now pack her favorites like a salad with dressing, fruit, chips, and other goodies without having them become soggy by lunchtime. 
Back to School babbleboxx styles and supplies for little girls
But it doesn’t end there! in addition to a small snack size bag, and larger lunch tote (which are BOTH freezable,) I am sold! And what delicious lunch isn’t complete with a package of “Little Buddy Wipes” for one the go? At school, in the car, and simply just to keep in her backpack. You can find out more by visiting PACKIT on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at @packitcool with hashtag #packitcool.
Just because my daughter is entering her “tween” years, doesn’t make me “see” her as one. To me, she’s still in Kindergarten. MyWishForYou send a few packs of “Lunch Notes from Me!” which I swear I will be using until the day she graduates high school. It’s these little details that mean so much, and she’s even told me how much she enjoys getting them each day. Their whacky facts, and funny giggles are a great way to break up the day. MyWishForYou can be found online across social platforms like Twitter: @MyWish4UNotes, on Facebook @MyWish4ULunchNotes, @SharonaSaltzman, and @HodasPropper; and on Pinterest at @mywish4u0020
Getting older does not mean she still doesn’t have the occasional bout with being clumsy. A trip here, a fall there, scraped knees and elbows, you name it. I have to say another deep appreciation was a gift pack filled with on-the-go first-aid treats, so I know she can take care of her ailments if an adult of nurse aid is not near. First, the MediBuddy first aid kit with antibacterial wipes are pure goal with my little patient. This kit will help her take the necessary steps to help herself on the way to getting proper help. But the coolest thing ever? Cool It Buddy instant cold packs. Hallelujah! Each back of one time use ice packs not only serves the purpose for bumps and bruises, but they are a perfect size. Thank you so much medikidz! Please check out more of their products on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at @me4kidz.
Back to School babbleboxx styles and supplies for little girls
I mentioned before that MAGLITE was kind enough to send not one, but two pink flashlights which I am extremely grateful for. Not only so she can sneak in a few extra pages after “lights out,” but also because we live in California. While I’m happy to have the MAGLITE Solitare LED on the nightstand in her room for those dreaded earthquakes, I love that she now has one right in her bookbag at all times in case of an emergency. Thank you very much MAGLITE for participating in this BabbleBoxx. Our family are long-time loyal consumers of your brand, and knowing my daughter now has her own, means a lot to us! Please take a moment to visit MAGLITE online on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at @maglite; and on Pinterest @maginstrument using hashtag #maglite
Back to School babbleboxx styles and supplies for little girls
Not done yet! This is our first introduction to the brand Westcott, and their 5″ Kids Jellies Pointed Scissors. For over 100 years, Westcott has taken pride in delivering the best products to support education and inspiring children to explore creative projects both inside and outside of the classroom. I especially love the jellie grips, and how accurate and precise the blades are when cutting. Check them out online at: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest at @westcottbrand
Back to School babbleboxx styles and supplies for little girls

Promotional consideration is courtesy of Babbleboxx.

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