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Knoxville: THE TENNESSEAN Hotel

TENNESSEAN Knoxville Hotel Review

If there were a way to box THE TENNESSEAN hotel up and take it home with me, I would. I think I can honestly say that I have never felt this way about a hotel before. It’s kind of like that old joke, “Well if you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?” Umm… I would. I definitely would if I could. From the staff and service to the incredible suite with panorama view of Knoxville’s amazing sunsets, this property sets the bar for hotels very high. 

TENNESSEAN Knoxville Hotel Review

Kiddo just graduated Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama and I was taking the long way to Nashville by surprising her with a quick trip to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to commit to Dolly 100% so I decided Knoxville was a great way to balance the trip. While plotting out our road trip, some information on THE TENNESSEAN landed in my Inbox so I pulled it up online and couldn’t believe my eyes. This place looked and sounded amazing, and I was convinced it was too good to be true. But I couldn’t shake it. I confirmed a reservation and was ready to see for myself. 

The TENNESSEAN Hotel Knoxville Review


When we pulled up to the valet, the bellmen, Zach and Nic, approached us to see what we needed help with. Something about them reminded me of a cross between a 2017 version of Brandon Walsh and Dylan McKay from Beverly Hills 90210, and Joey and Chandler from Friends. Don’t ask me which, they are both awesome duos as are these super cool guys. From unpacking every single piece of luggage, clothing, travel bag, and crumb out of the Kia Niro, to get this…taking my car to get washed. Not. Kidding. I had mentioned to Zach that my windows were dirty and I needed to hit a car wash before getting on the road to Nashville. The night before we left he took my car to get washed. How nice was that? It’s a gesture I will never forget. So kind, and figures, just like in California, it began to rain the moment we hit the interstate. Figures. If you need it to rain, just let me know and I’ll wash my car!

TENNESSEAN Knoxville Hotel Review

Anyway, back to the room. Nic escorted us to our room which was a Panoramic Suite. Needless to say Kiddo and I were gobsmacked. After a long day between graduation, leaving camp, and the three-hour+ car ride, we were starving, and I still had to partake in a Twitter Party for the “Date My Dad” premier. We checked in and headed to our room which was absolutely gorgeous. The last thing I wanted to do was work, but these floor to ceiling windows with panoramic view created an absolutely dreaming office space. And I couldn’t wait to take a shower and dive into a bed which I’m convinced consisted of puff of clouds from Heaven. You think I’m exaggerating. I’m not. 

The Perfect Escape

After a week away at sleep away camp, Kiddo needed those blackout curtains and some quiet. So I took advantage of the alone time by enjoying that shower and catching up with my Inbox. That’s when there was a knock at our door from house keeping. The most lovely woman named, Hannah, came by to see to service our room. I mentioned we were on our way out of the day, and pointed to Kiddo’s beach towel. I told Hannah, work around it, that it was damp from the swimming pool at camp and I was letting it dry. She one upped me and had it dried for me. This place. I swear is the greatest and could be my next favorite hotel in the U.S. which is a title I certainly do not take lightly.

The TENNESSEAN Hotel Knoxville Review

There are many properties I love for different reasons, but this one is special on its own, and doesn’t need hype or gimmicks to survive because it’s just that great. And let’s quickly touch on room service. Amazing. Kiddo ordered a Caesar Salad and Seared Salmon dish (because obviously they must not feed you at Space Camp,) and I had the pasta dish which was so delicious I had it the second night as well. I know, I know, complete carb overload, but worth every calorie. 

TENNESSEAN Knoxville Hotel Review

When wondering, “Where to stay in Knoxville?” There is only one place I would rest my little head from now on. Our overall experience at THE TENNESSEAN was marvelous. They delivered the type of service I expect from all luxury hotels and I really hope other hotels take note. And to think I was actually wondering if I should have completely bypassed Knoxville all together. I will never forget waking up to this face, the amazing sunsets, our beautiful room, and my first (albeit certainly not last,) meal at Waffle House. 

The TENNESSEAN Hotel Knoxville Review

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