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Sweet Meets Spicy

How to make TAZO Chai Latte at Home | The JetSet Family

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It’s Monday. How is it Monday already? I mean I blinked and the last two days are a complete blur. It’s not all bad though, this morning I received a special delivery. I love getting gifts, don’t you? This one was a beautiful white box with a perfect orange from TAZO®. It was almost too beautiful to open. I say, “almost,” because c’mon. You know something this beautiful on the outside, must have something REALLY beautiful on the inside as well!

 TAZO® Chai Latte

Let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed at all! Have you heard about the Sweet Meets Spicy Collection? This is exactly what I needed this morning. This is the last Monday I’m home alone before school let’s out for summer, and this is the ideal Monday morning companion to enjoy my last day of peace + quite until August. 

How to make TAZO Chai Latte at Home | The JetSet Family

How to make TAZO Chai Latte at Home | The JetSet Family

I head to the kitchen, push play, begin to stream my favorite tunes and fire up the Keurig®. Because let’s face it, for the next twelve weeks I am going to be held hostage, and I can say, “Sayonara!” to my clean home and beautifully organized days that are about to be turned upside down. I need to soak up as much normalcy as possible before that school bell chimes for the last time and the 2015 / 2016 school year is officially in the books. My days will now consist of chauffeuring to and from different camps all over the county, listing to Top 40 stations and doing everything possible to avoid swimmers ear. But you want to know the truth? I would change it for one second. I love being a mom. I secretly love the chaos.

What is a Chai Latte? 

Having the ability to enjoy the rich, creamy taste of TAZO® Chai Latte at home thanks to K-Cup® pods is truly a game changer. The new TAZO® Chai Latte K-Cup® pods encompass 5,000 years of Indian tea history, and are made from milk, black tea leaves and spices allowing for that sweet meets spicy flavor. Each sip of my chai tea latte beautifully captures the bold flavors of exotic lands filled with sweet cinnamon, fragrant cardamom, vanilla and spicy ginger.

What I did not know until recently was that TAZO partnered with New York Times Bestselling author and host, Padma Lakshmi. Padma even shares her favorite chai latte recipe that pairs beautifully with a sweet and spicy chai latte. Tea and chai have always been a big part of Padma’s life and family heritage and she has included everything from baked figs with manchego cheese, to pomegranate & goat cheese on pumpernickel toast, and my personal favorite: aloo tikkis which are Indian potato croquettes. YUM! 

What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Thank you, TAZO® Chai Latte K-Cup® pods for allowing me to explore a world of flavor from the comfort of home.

For more information on TAZO® visit:  Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Where to buy? chai latte k cups

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Review overview
  • Jacqui Odell June 8, 2016

    I haven’t tried chai latte before, but I am always willing to try something new. I will add this to my list to try.

  • Mitch June 9, 2016

    You make this sound so delicious! I would love this over ice!

  • I secretly love the chaos too. I wish I could spend more time shuffling my daughter to different activities, of course with a delicious beverage in my hand!

  • Alicia Taylor June 9, 2016

    I love chai latte – and adore Tazo. I had no idea this was available in K-Cups now. Our Keurig is about to get a workout.

  • Kristi June 10, 2016

    My hubby can drink plain black coffee… I just cant. I have to have fun flavors of coffee or tea and this one sounds great.


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