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Sunglass Season

The Season for Sunglasses is here at last!

Ever since LASIK, I have been obsessed with sunglasses the way others are with shoes. I once saw a picture of Elton John’s sunglass closet (which was the size of our first starter home,) and I thought, “Hmmmm…this is probably what Heaven looks like.” 

I love, love, love sunglasses.

I can’t really bother with the inexpensive shades, not because I’m a snob – nor trying to be, but because without fail, I will lose, sit and break the ones I score on sale. The ones that ost me a small car payment? I’ll protect the those ones like a newborn baby. I’ve also convinced myself that by “collecting” sunglasses, I am investing and protecting my vision. Just humor me, please. And it’s not like I live somewhere it rains 90% of the time. I live in Southern California where it’s so bright, that I walked into my daughter’s room today and left seeing spots. 

It’s hard for me to pick favorites, but I’ll tell you a some of my observations since I think I own at least one (or two,) pairs of every designer brand imaginable. The best made IMO with the best protection are the experience I’ve had with Tom Ford eyewear. I wear them every single day, and they have held up beautiful. A brand that I’m still on the fence about? Dior. I have one pair that have been complete rockstars, and another that are so flimsy I still kick myself every time I go to take them out of the case. Oh, and another brand that really impressed me is by IVI Vision. Wow, totally stylish and made very, very well.  



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Review overview
  • Ashley M April 21, 2014

    Love the square Tom Fords. I have a pair of Coach sunglasses I paid a small arm for and then had prescription lenses put in them, which only cost a hand! lol They’re worth it though.

  • k April 21, 2014

    Love love your hero photo – how cool is that. Shades are very important to me…all year long.

  • Debi April 21, 2014

    I am the same way. I love my sun glasses. I get a few new pairs every season.

  • Patty April 21, 2014

    My husband is like that. He is forever losing his sunglasses. He drops them somewhere. He sits on them. He drives over them. I can’t tell you how much we have spent on sunglasses for him. I have to wear glasses so I’ve got transistions on mine.

  • LaVonne April 21, 2014

    My husband had Lasik two years ago and LOVES it. He keeps trying to get me to do it, but I am still a little worried about it. I am a wuss like that. So I wear Rx sunglasses. I miss having 5 pairs of sunglasses to choose from when I wore contacts though! These sunglasses are so cute!

  • Megan September 1, 2014

    I love sunglasses, “Oliver Peoples” are my favorites!
    Megan | London Beauty Blog


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