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Yoga: There’s No Place Like Om

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This post was sponsored MyYogaWorks as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I began practicing yoga at YogaWorks over a decade ago, so all opinions expressed in my post are my own.


My girl Drew does it. Dave Navarro does it. My bestie Gwyneth does it. And now I do it. 

I first began practicing yoga over a decade ago when I moved to Corona del Mar, California. I lived a few blocks from a YogaWorks studio and I was looking to find out for myself what all the hype was about. I signed up for a beginners class and even before the class was over I was mentally planning how I was going to fit practicing yoga into crazy lifestyle. 

The moment my instructor uttered, “Namaste,” and told us to go in peace, I was the first in line to grab a calendar and enroll as a membership. I found my special place, and I found my people. I would go before work, after work, on weekends and whenever I could sneak away for an hour. I never felt better than when I was regularly practicing and working on my poses. I stocked up on the cutest yoga gear, bought my mat, and new fancy water bottle and even a block and belt. I was ready to commit. I was going hardcore. 

Life happens.

Then life happened. Work became more demanding, my daughter was born, I began this blog, we moved inland away from Newport Beach, she started school, then it was after school activities, and any down time was spent either sleeping or inside a strange hotel room somewhere around the globe. 


But through it all, I missed practicing yoga so much. It was my time to be selfish, and work through aches, pains, stresses, worries, and simply just get balanced. I longed for finding balance again, but I realized by practicing yoga alone without an instructor that I am not disciplined whatsoever. And that’s when MyYogaWorks contacted me. It is the answer to everything I have wished for and more. 


I’m back to taking care of myself and I have absolutely no excuse not to. If I wake up late, I can practice before I head to bed. If I’m on the road traveling, I can stream it directly into my hotel room. If my child’s homework is driving me batty, I can retreat to my room and carve out time to regroup.


So what is MyYogaWorks exactly? I’m so happy you asked. It’s the ideal tool for those on the go. MyYogaWorks is a curated online yoga experience that allows you to stream over 1,000 online yoga classes from your laptop, tablet, phone or TV. It’s basically a dream come true. 


No more excuses because you can now fit practicing yoga into your schedule with classes that range from 5-minute tutorials to 90-minutes. These are complete classes including sequences to suit yogis of all levels of experience.

How Much Does MyYogaWorks Cost?

I am so excited to share that MyYogaWorks has partnered with The JetSet Family and is extending a very special MyYogaWorks Annual Membership for 1-year of access to premium online yoga for only $49. This is amazing considering for everyone else, it costs $150/year.  

All you have to do is use Promo Code: YOGA49 when you sign up. But act fast because this offer expires on December 31, 2016. Limited Time Offer – $49 Annual Membership Unique Signup Link. 

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Streaming Yoga Classes Online

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