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What Dad Really Wants

Snake River Farms

This post has been sponsored by our friends at Snake River Farms. Thank you for making JetSet Dad’s Father’s Day feast one we will all enjoy!

Remember how excited I was when I learned how to properly prepare a restaurant style filet mignon at home? It was a big deal and it still is. But I wasn’t the only one excited, JetSet Dad was thrilled. See, hubs lives for a good, hearty steak, in fact in his mind it is considered a primary food group that should be included in every meal. But he’s also what I would call a “beef-snob” and only likes the “good stuff” Thomas Keller features at French Laundry and Wolfgang Puck prepares at CUT. Which let’s be honest, reservations at either can be near impossible to score.

The cuts made available thru Snake River Farms are really beautiful. 

Snake River Farms Filet

So it made all the sense in the world when I asked what he would like on the menu for his Father’s Day celebration. He quickly responded without hesitation, “Anything from Snake River Farms!” But the joke was on Hubs because Snake River Farms and Double R Ranch (part of Agri Beef Co.,) were already sending him a specialDad’s Perfect Gift bundle with 2 Kurobuta bacon-wrapped filet mignon, 2 American Kobe ribeye filets, 2 top-sirloin filets and 1 jar of that Espresso Brava Sea Salt we love so much. 

Oh, and this … Hello, lover…

Snake River Farms Cowboy Cut

Say, “How you doin’?” to this GINORMOUS 2+ pound bone-in ribeye Cowboy Chop. Isn’t it pretty? 

The sleek packaging was a gift in itself making the overall “gift box” presentation something I would feel comfortably blind sending a friend or family member and I know they would just love it! 

Snake River Farms has been kind enough to extend The JetSet Family readers free shipping with this special offer: Send your favorite Dad (or yourself!) one of these Father’s Day gifts and you’ll get free shipping by using the code: TAPFSS15.  Click here to shop Father’s Day Gifts.

Snake River Farms 

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