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Helping Hand

Family photo by Ben Smith : CC BY 2.0

Sometimes all you need a helping hand. New post – sponsored by @HomeHero –

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I believe in signs. I don’t believe in coincidence. Often times the Universe whispers to me and I’ll brush it off, then it whispers a bit louder, and louder until finally I’ve ignored all the signs long enough and I’m smacked upside the head with reality. Usually that reality includes a huge problem that if I had only listened and acted in the first place, I could have adverted disaster. Now I’m left cleaning up the mess that I could have prevented. Ugh and sigh. 

Before I know it, I’m overwhelmed, frazzled and being pulled in what feels like a million directions. I don’t like being unprepared and lately signs have been pointing to my future. I see friends and family members taking care of the seniors in there lives and I become sad to think one day that will be me. Many of my friends with elderly parents have full-time jobs, or are juggling families with multiple children and they just need that extra bit of help. Truthfully, any help would be welcomed, but most of the time people just don’t want to ask for a helping hand. I’m not sure if they see it as a sign of weakness, but I think of it as the opposite. It takes a lot of courage to ask for help. 

That’s when I heard about the Senior Home Care service, HomeHero. Are you familiar with them? They are the #1 source of caregivers in California and by creating a special online platform, they have replaced high-overhead costs which allows them to pass on significant monthly savings.

But are they safe? That was my main concern and I feel satisfied knowing that not only are the caregivers carefully vetted, but I can interview each one personally to find the perfect fit. HomeHero also offers a $4 Million General Liability Insurance Policy and $1 Million Theft Protection coverage which makes me feel more comfortable and at ease as well. 

With 24/7 support and no contracts, this could be the ideal affordable solution for those searching for a helping hand with elder home care, but just don’t want to be a burden on friends or family.

So the next time you find yourself being pulled in a many different directions, take a moment and consider HomeHero. It is a great option for when you need to be in two places at once.  

Photo credits: Grandparents by Ben Smith / CC BY 2.0

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