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Wouldn’t it be nice if we could press pause on Sunday mornings? I feel like I should insert a Maroon 5 song here, but they really are by far my favorite time of the week. Something about being near the coast in the sunshine and the warm breeze that makes waking up really early on the weekends a blessing rather than a curse.  

Having said that, I’m on constantly on a perpetual quest to find the quintessential brunch to fuel my soul. It’s a great way to start the week with friends and family by complimenting everything I love so much about Southern California. Welp, I found it. Right here in beautiful Newport Beach. Welcome to The Ritz Prime Seafood. 

The Ritz Prime Seafood

Located on PCH perched above the luxury yachts docked in Newport Harbor, it’s hard not to immediately be impressed the moment you pull up to the valet. It’s easy to sense you are about to venture into somewhere good, but good is a quite the understatement because beyond that entrance you’re about to experience a whole new level of greatness. And I promise you, that’s an understatement.

Here’s the story…

What I experienced next was nothing shy of perfection. First, the location and view is everything. Normally, I’d want to embrace being outdoors on beautiful mornings like this one (which was an option as they do offer outdoor dining,) but it was a bit chilly and I would be a complete fool not to take full-advantage of being steps away from the Bloody Mary bar while eyeing these luxury boats.

Bloody Mary Brunch The Ritz Prime Newport Beach The Ritz Prime Seafood Newport Beach • The JetSet Family

The room was filled with the smooth sounds of one of the most enjoyable, unpredictable and original live vocal artists I’ve heard in a long time over brunch. It was so welcomed as she delighted us with tunes from Fleetwood Mac and Coldplay that gave us chills and if memory serves me right there was even a slowed down Bieber tune tossed in there for good measure as well. Not to mention she took requests.

Then there was Sean.

Listen to me, and listen very closely. If there is anything you take away from this post it is to specifically request Sean as your server when you make your reservation. Trust me, he is worth waiting for. Not only is he a joy to be around, but he has truly mastered the talent of paying attention and making spot on recommendations based on casual conversation. This is a true asset when each plate on the menu sounds more incredible than the last. I noticed and appreciated how through subtle inquiries he was able to help guide our decision making and simply nailed it each time. So thank you, Sean. 

Decisions, decisions. 

So of course Kiddo had oysters. Does that even come as a shock anymore? Sean was kind enough to bring her out the three types they were serving that day to sample and we decided to have some fun with it. We gave her a blind taste test of sorts to find out which one she wanted to order a few more of, but didn’t tell her the names. Which did she go with? You guessed it, old faithful, The Naked Cowboys, and quite frankly I can’t blame her because they were delicious!

And she didn’t stop there. C’mon, have you forgotten how much this child loves food? But I’ll share that in a few.

I’m not one to normally order the shrimp cocktail, but I couldn’t stop going back to the Jumbo Prawn Cocktail with smoked almond cocktail sauce. Something was telling me not to ignore it. I cannot convey how grateful I am that I trusted my instinct. My only regret? Sharing them. That my friends is a true testament to how much I love my family. File that under: SorryNotSorry

The Ritz Prime Seafood Newport Beach • The JetSet Family

Hubs was in a great mood because he decided he was going to treat himself to a cocktail for lunch and ordered a Cool Running. Let’s just it should be re-named Happiness In A Glass, because it was. Oh, was he ever, especially when his Short Rib Hash & Eggs with hen of the woods and smashed potatoes arrived.

I’m pretty sure he weeped tears of happiness over this dish. In fact, he even risked spending the rest of eternity banned to the front couch when he confessed it was even better than my short ribs. Have another Cool Running buddy! 

The Ritz Prime Seafood Newport Beach • The JetSet Family

Not so fast hubs, your entree was only in the running for best dish until Kiddo’s Brioche French Toast with blackberry maple compote with passion fruit cream and candied pecans came rolling out. Hold up. Rewind. Did you just carefully read what I wrote? I’ll repeat it: Brioche French Toast with blackberry maple compote with passion fruit cream and candied pecans. 

Hello, Gorgeous!

But just like everything else in life worth waiting for, the best was yet to come and placed right smack dab in front of moi. Holy angels of brunch heaven, I’m not worthy. I mean, have you ever? I haven’t.

The Ritz Prime Seafood Newport Beach • The JetSet Family

I would like to introduce you to Lobster Benedict. There is no way to properly introduce to you to this plate. This is what foodie dreams are made of and as I am typing this I’m trying to figure out my calendar in my head to go back again. Soon. If only they delivered. I am not playing around here. If brunch is this outstanding, I can’t even imagine what dinner must be like. 

I mean how can you possibly top this? Lobster with thai basil bearnaise and caviar? People. I’m telling you this dish is exactly why life is not fair. There would be no more hate in the world if everyone had this in their lives. Peace, love + lobster Benedict. 

Cake for Breakfast

Well technically we started at breakfast time, but we’ve been grazing for so long it’s much closer to lunchtime by now. But truthfully, who is even paying attention to the time when a slice of Coconut Cake arrives to your table and it’s bigger than your 9 year old’s head?

Talk about giving a new meaning to “Cake By The Ocean”. 

The Ritz Prime Seafood Newport Beach • The JetSet Family

One bite and I immediately thought, “Is it even legal to taste this delicious?” There was no time to waste. I knew I had to get in there for another bite because those greedy vultures I came with were about to attack and take no prisoners. 

Picking Favorites

This is not something I do often, and it takes a lot for me to admit. But in life there are favorites and The Ritz Prime Seafood has rightfully earned it. I truly believe there are many great spots for brunch in the area, but when it comes to taste and all-around great experience, The Ritz Prime Seafood wins for best weekend brunch in Orange County. 

Mic drop. 

The Ritz Prime Seafood
2801 West Coast Hwy
Newport Beach, CA 92663
Phone: (949) 720-1800
Photo credits: Nicole Standley

On occasion, members of The JetSet Family are invited to menu tastings + events which allows us to share with the audience our first hand experiences and overall view.This practice does not hinder the influencer’s point of view. And all descriptions are factual to accurately reflect the overall experience.

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