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NYC: Red Carpet Premiere Experience

Red Carpet Kids Premiere Experience and Giveaway

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t enthralled with the silver screen. I really didn’t care what was playing, I just wanted to study movies. I loved analyzing every detail surrounding the storytelling, and to me motion pictures were a way to escape the cold, dreary winters of my suburban New Jersey childhood. I had never been,but my earliest memories are of me daydreaming about one day living in California. I convinced myself the land of glitz, glam, and award acceptance speeches was my destiny.

Celluloid Heroes 

Let me be clear, this went a bit farther than just becoming famous, I fell madly in love with characters. The people they *pretended* to be, those are the people I wanted to surround myself with. The actors and actresses felt more like a peer than a movie star. I wanted to be with the creatives, those whom directed, and made the films come to life. I desperately wanted to be a part of the action as a child, but I never dared to vocalize these dreams out loud. Instead, I would absorb every second of the picture going corner to corner noticing angles, nuances, backgrounds, extras, and most of all what the characters were wearing and the soundtrack. The music tends to fades into the film within moments, and weaves itself in and out until a point where it vanishes completely. Many don’t even hear it, but I do. And I can definitely feel it. Decades later, when I hear the first few keys of the “Theme from Arthur,” on the yacht rock station and I’m happy. I hope nothing ever erases that. 

Red Carpet Kids Premiere Experience and Giveaway

Hooray for Hollywood?

I eventually moved to California, but I skipped over the Hollywood hubbub and landed myself at the beach doing work for rock stars. Eventually, I fell in love, got married, had a baby, started a blog, and I’m now obsessed with Netflix. Then something I never thought would happen happened. Kiddo expressed a genuine interest in theater and asked if she could take a class. I enrolled my daughter at South Coast Repertory two years ago, and I’m pleased to share she has a love for live performances! This January we’re headed to The Great White Way for for a “Playbill Tour” to celebrate her 11th birthday.


Red Carpet Kids Premiere Experience and Giveaway

Red Carpet Premiere Experience

But let’s face it, beyon a weekly class I would royally stink at being a stereotypical Hollywood Mom. Auditions, head shots, and castings are not my thang, but I can do a fab job at being Fun Mom. I’m constantly on the hunt for new and creative things to do that out-of-the-box, exciting, and has a way of incorporating my daughter’s life interests. I mean, c’mon, this entire blog is centered around things we love, and I’m pretty sure I just found the next big thing. 

So why not give her a chance to be a big star for the day? Sure, she’s been around her share of celebs, but what about stepping in their shoes for an afternoon? That’s where Red Carpet Premiere Experience comes into play. 

Invite List

Every child deserves a star on Hollywood Boulevard and RCPE is the gateway giving kids a taste of what it’s like to be a blockbuster celeb. Red Carpet Premiere Experience is an “Immersive movie star experience from the minute you arrive at the set until you leave with your movie in the can, you are interacting with staff (all real actors) who will make you believe you are really a star on set. The experience is perfect for all ages, families can do it, groups of friends can do it, local NYC people, tourists, and ideal for celebrations.”

Red Carpet Kids Premiere Experience and Giveaway

Red Carpet Kids

RCPE is a 90-minute ticketed experience. You can book reservations online by choosing a “call-time,” then simply show up on set. In 90-minutes you are taken to your wardrobe fitting, receive your script complete with notes from the director, shoot your scenes, hit the red carpet, and field questions from the paparazzi (which is a fête in itself since they are all screaming your name and asking for autographs while snapping away.) Once your handlers whisk you from the step and repeat on the red carpet, you grab your snacks at the concession stand, screen your premiere, then you can buy a digital package with your movie, red carpet shots, etc.


Want Your Own VIP Red Carpet Premiere Experience?

Well The JetSet Family has the inside scoop! Luxury Travel Mom is hosting a Giveaway: Red Carpet VIP Experience for FIVE and $100 SAKS Gift Card! on her website and will pick a winner at random next Sunday, August 27, 2017 at 8pm. Good luck and break a leg! Or maybe not…but have fun!

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