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Potholes: The Struggle Is Real

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Oh, don’t mind me. I’ve been really nostalgic this past week and waxing poetic any chance I could get. Kiddo is done with school for the year, my girlfriend sent me the best Anthony Bourdain book, I found out today I’m going to a Dead & Co. show at The Hollywood Bowl on Monday, my two oldest best friends are texting me pictures from an impromptu reunion at some bar in Jersey, and just like that, I suddenly I wish I were in high school again. 


So how do potholes even play into any of this? Oh, trust, when I say school commutes, Tony Bourdain, the Grateful Dead, and my friends are synonymous with potholes in my mind. Then again, I really can’t think of any high school memories without thinking of my first love, HAL 77B, my first car.  


This is where I would typically insert a photo of my friends and I enjoying shenanigans with HAL, but the worst thing ever happened. I misplaced my photos! It must have happened during one of the moves. I’m so sad!


HAL was my Saab convertible, super cool, right? More like super HYSTERICAL. But don’t get too jealous because HAL was a sensitive beast who was not a fan of potholes. See, she was a delicate flower that didn’t dance very well with ditches. I could, however, start the car with my bobby pin, I needed two matchbooks strategically placed for the radio to work, and the trunk needed to be tied down with rope, but that’s a whole other saga.


Me Vs. The Pothole


Anyway, one time, and this is a true story…when I was in high school,  HAL77B, (which was her name and license plate,) and I thought it would be a great idea to drive to the record store in a torrential storm. Who am I kidding? It was basically equivalent to a cyclone, and the windows kept fogging up, badly. I should have pulled over, but the kicker was I couldn’t see far enough to each side to safely move. So I opted to continue to follow the taillights of the guy in front of me.


“To ensure that you are treating your vehicle with the best care, it is important to make sure that all parts of the car, including the tires, are regularly checked and well maintained. This includes avoiding potholes while driving whenever possible to do so safely, or inspecting tires if they come in contact with a pothole.” – Jessica Egerton, Director of Brand Development of Cooper Tires



Be road ready, and take care of your tires. Take it from Cooper Tires: 

Having a DIY road routine will keep you road-ready. In as little as 10 minutes, you can be all set.

  • Check the pressure.
  • Check the tread depth.
  • Check the overall condition for cuts, cracks, splits, punctures, irregular wear and bulges.


Did you know there is a “right way” to hit a pothole?


I sure didn’t. 


La, la, la, driving along, praying I make it there, rocking out to my tunes, and KERPLUNK! BOOM! That’s when the unthinkable happened, my ENTIRE driverside window SHATTERED into a million tiny pieces as the skies poured dumpsters of water from the skies. Talk about the Universe keeping you from the new Nirvana album. This stunk! I somehow managed to pull into a gas station so I could turn around, and go home absolutely drenched in my school uniform.


Not to mention how stoked was I that my tire didn’t pop? I was driving super slow which shattered the window, but prevented damage to the tires, wheels and suspension. Well, have no fear…it did, just only the next day when the weather cleared, I was cruising the speed limit, and thanks to a smaller, unavoidable pothole on my way to the body shop.


Nothing and I mean nothing, was worse than driving along, down the road, finding your groove, and WABDOOSH! You were making deals with all the big wigs in Heaven praying you weren’t going to have to Barney Rubble the rest of the way home.


All-in-all, I guess HAL just wanted to float like a butterfly, but that simply wasn’t an option when driving the road in New Jersey or in New York City. I swear, the potholes were more like sinkholes that could swallow a VW Bus. I wish I were joking, but I can remember one of the most exclusive towns in NJ having the crappiest road conditions, I bet quite a few GL450’s were injured. 


Did you know that on average, American drivers pay $300 to repair vehicle damage related to potholes?




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