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Reminder: Order Your Holiday Cards

Personalized Holiday Cards

This post was inspired by Paper Culture known for their eco-friendly unique Christmas Cards, Holiday Cards and Personalized Gifts. 

I don’t mean to scare you, but do you know there are only eight Wednesdays left until Christmas? Yes, EIGHT! If you are anything like me, you either wait until the very last minute to order your personalized holiday cards, or you just surrender, toss your arms in the air and send them sometime early January telling yourself they are “Happy New Year” cards.

This year, I refuse to retreat, pay upcharges, or rush shipping fees. I am on it. I’m going to be proactive. Well that’s what I’ll keep telling myself anyway. 

It’s all great in theory, but the fact is: I still have no clue what family photos to use. Hmmm? Do JetSet Hubs and I even need to be featured? JetSet Tot is so much cuter and way more interesting anyway. But ultimately, what photo should I use? 

Holiday Card Themes: Fun Photos

Milestones: JetSet Tot not only began second grade, but she went to her very first concert this summer. It was a blast and she had so much fun. Oh, and she was also in her very first musical production: The Wizard of Oz and ran her very first 5K. 

Trips, Travels + Vacations: We had a blast while exploring Southern California. One of her favorite memories was being named the Captain of her own Duffy Boat while visiting Newport Beach. It’s such a proud moment for all of us.

Personalized Holiday Cards

Dress up: Tot is officially a covergirl. That’s right! This fall, kiddo was featured on the cover of OC Family magazine as the uber-popular Elsa from Frozen. 

School Days: This year, Tot’s school has had a ton of theme days. Western Day, Sports Day, Crazy Hair Day…you name it! She loves school so much, that I’m sure I could come up with some really cool photos of her hamming it up. 

Personalized Holiday Cards

2014 Year in Review: We did so much in 2014. A little of this and a little of that starts to add up. A collective montage of photos would really give our loved ones a full-visual of what we’re up to without having to include a typed out novella. 

InstaXmas: How adorbs would it be if I just used a bunch of snapshots I posted to my Instagram account? Considering I’m InstaObsessed, it might be a cool idea!

Personalized Holiday Cards

Photo credits: Nicole Standley

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