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Oprah, Gayle, and…ME?

I have been keeping a really big secret from you.

As in REALLY big.

I’m Going on Vacation with Oprah and Gayle!

Yes, that Oprah and Gayle!

Let that sink in for a minute…

I mean, how is this is my life? Yesterday, I was your typical run of the mill mom blogger, and today I woke up as someone who does Girl Getaways with Oprah and her BFF, Gayle. And we’re not talking about a quick weekend road trip, oh, no, Oprah and Gayle are big time, and their getaways happen to be on Holland American to places like the Bahamas. This here is some really BIG news. As in blow your mind kind of news, but I am in such shock and denial.  I was hand-picked to go, that alone is nuts!


I now realized with my whole heart that it pays to dream, regardless of how crazy or far-fetched it may seem. I’ve played this scenario over in my mind a thousand times. Imagining myself in the backseat of Oprah and Gayle’s epic road trip. The kind of news you find yourself daydreaming about all the time, only to realize that is exactly what it is, a dream. Staring deep into space making up all sorts of silly scenarios. Knowing darn well the chances of it ever coming to fruition is just plain absurd.



Until it does. Hope is real. Manifesting your destiny is real. Vision boards and dream boards are SO real, they are like the Ronco Rotisserie “Set It and Forget It” of plotting out your future. If you want something to happen, call upon the Universe and be specific, have faith, believe, trust that you can handle the hard stuff. You will be stunned when you pass the year mark at how many things you can actually cross off.

Friends, Dreams Do Come True


I’m over-the-moon excited for many reasons that I can finally share some of the juicy the details because well you know… blabbermouth. This January, I’ve been cordially invited to join Ms. Oprah Winfrey, and Ms. Gayle King a very special Girls Getaway celebrating the christening of Holland America’s Nieuw Statendam, in which she was named Godmother. I’m counting down the days until we set sail in the crystal clear the Caribbean Sea. (I also can’t wait to see Gopher, Issac, Julie, and Captain Stubing…but wait, that’s the wrong decade.)




Being Part of a True Brand Ambassadorship


Being chosen to attend by the O Magazine Team is an honor that is so incredibly special to my heart. It’s validating everything I learned from Oprah as a little girl. If you have hope, you believe, and you dream, it could happen. I knew this even before she would say it on TV, but when I heard her words it was as though she was speaking directly to my heart.


Being a part of the O Mag Insiders team is something I wake up grateful for each morning. Again, it’s an honor. To have Oprah’s team see something in you, is validation that you are meant to be an influencer. That your opinion matters, and that you are finally a part of a team that enjoys your company and silly humor.


Just weeks from kicking off my second year as an O Mag Insider, I am so unbelievably appreciative to be included in a group headed by an amazing staff who are innovative, supportive, and celebrates each other’s successes, and lifts each other up. It’s the purest definition of family. It’s everything a successful brand ambassadorship should be, lending a hand of those in need, and lifting up those who are shattering ceiling.


Is This Really Happening?



I am still pinching myself when I think about this opportunity because I just don’t believe it. How could this even be possible? But the true gift is watching Kiddo see all of this unfold. Her mother had the wildest dream, spoke about it, had faith, never lost hope, and now Coco is so incredibly proud of me, but learned, that it is possible for her dreams to come to as well. This makes my heart full. And my husband? He was the proudest he has ever been of me. He couldn’t erase the smile from his face if you tried. You would think between the happiness and excitement of the two of them, THEY were the ones heading on vacay with my new Besties!


O Mag Insiders: Sail Mates


So why is this particular trip so important? Well sit down and let’s chat. I’m an only child. My daughter is an only child. And there was this magical sisterhood that I always saw, and always heard about but never actually heartfully felt while growing up. I was always included, but never felt the connection others had. The O Mag Insiders team was different. It is a brand ambassadorship unlike any I’ve ever had. Filled with true, bonafide influencers and we’re encouraged to lift each other up. It’s all about supporting each other by celebrating each other’s successes, and eliminating women against women competition that society and blogging tend to unnecessarily create.



And did I mention I have the G.R.O.A.T? Also known as: GREATEST ROOMMATES OF ALL TIME? That’s right, my personal Gayle, Amber of Global Munchkins and Rookie Moms, the super-fantastic, Misty Nelson of Frosted Events, my partner-in-crime whom I adore, Tabitha Blue of Fresh Mommy Blog, and little ol’ moi are shacking up and since Amber and I are birthday twins celebrating on the ship, it’s going to be a Girls Getaway to remember!


Now think back for a moment. Remember Oprah and Gayle’s camping road trip complete with Moscow Mules, and the hysterics of Oprah trying to merge on somewhere on I-5? That’s going to be the four of us stuck in a room together “glamping at sea.” I love these girls so much and I bet I crack a rib laughing hysterically.


Sail Mates: The Details


Bottom line I love Oprah and spending this much time with her is a dream come true. I really hope you follow along, as over the next few months I will be sharing lots of blog posts about the destination, our plans what to expect, and other fun inside scoop on travel and cruising trips. I would also like to take this moment to thank the leadership team at O, The Oprah Winfrey Magazine, for believing in me and inviting us to experience this Girls Getaway with Oprah and Gayle.


Please make sure to stay tuned because over the next few months we have some really amazing announcements to make and stories to share. I promise you are not going to want to miss out!!


Oh, and you can bet, I’ll be making one killer Yacht Rock playlist!



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