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Cancún: NIZUC Resort & Spa

Nizuc Resort Review Cancun Mexico

There’s something about opening a hotel room door that makes you feel like Charlie walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory every single time. What is on the other side of that door is anyone’s guess. Will the view be majestic? What will the layout entail? How is it decorated? Will it be big enough for the three of us? Are we ever going to want to leave? Well opening the door to our Oceanview Junior suite at NIZUC Resort & Spa in Cancún, Mexico was like opening the most beautifully wrapped box with a perfectly tied ribbon. 

The New Cancún

I had last visited Cancún, MX as a teen over 20 years ago. It marked both my first and last visit, and I cringe to think of all the time in-between I missed. Sadly, all these years I mistakenly considered this part of the Mayan Riviera a Spring Break “party town.” Boy, was I wrong. So, so wrong. 

For those not interested in an all-inclusive vacation, NIZUC Resort and Spa is the place for you. Finally, a sophisticated Cancun property that hosts only the most discerning travelers. 

Nizuc Resort Review Cancun Mexico

“Mom, our room has its own pool!” 

This is a JUNIOR suite? I can’t even imagine how magnificent the standard size suite is.  Our spacious terrace had its own private pool overlooking the tropical mangrove and the Caribbean sea. And the bathrooms complete with free-standing soaking tubs made me instantly never want to leave. Oh, and did I mention we have our own butler? How cool is that? Actually, we have two. One during the day and one at night, and while we are far from high-maintenance travelers, we sure did put these guys to use. Our new friends anticipated our every need even before we knew it from delivering sand toys, to bringing me the most delicious freshly made juice each day. So to answer the other questions, yes our view was majestic, the layout was perfect, decorated on-point, way more room than three people ever need, and I can definitely say without a doubt that we never wanted to leave. 

NIZUC Resort & Spa Cancun, Mexico

It’s hard to believe this place is only 15 minutes from Cancún International Airport and everyone is so wonderful. If you are looking for high-standard of luxury in Mexico, look no further than NIZUC Resort & Spa.

Let The Fun Begin!

The first day our friends who live in Playa del Carmen picked us up  and we brought the kids to the water park making this one of the best family vacations we had in a while. We had met this family earlier this year while visiting Mayakoba, and our children have remained good friends since. It was a long day, but so worth the jet lag. Watching these kids run around without a care in the world, flying down slides, and jumping off planks, was the stuff childhood consists of. And the exact reason I began this blog in the first place. To celebrate family, children, and traveling. 

Nizuc Resort Review Cancun Mexico

Later that night we dined at Indochine Restaurant for fine Asian cuisine inside NIZUC and had our first of many memorable meals. Nothing beats a fantastic dinner, with copious amounts of wine + lots of laughs with friends. 🍷 And let’s not forget the setting surrounding the restaurant complete with fiery cauldrons and the most peaceful sunset I’ve seen in a really long time. It was the perfect way to end day one. 

Nizuc Resort Review Cancun Mexico

Everything about our dinner was special, and the flavors were so amazing that I actually considered eating there on night two, but I really wanted to experience as much possible culinary-wise throughout our stay. Make sure to go with a big appetite because there is so much to enjoy. The dish that you must order is the Tikka Masala Lobster with cardamom, paprika, and cumin, accompanied with Basmati rice, garlic, and raita sauce with cucumber and mint. Now book your flight in 3…2…1…now!

Nizuc Resort Review Cancun Mexico

There’s something about the quiet, peaceful, surroundings which lends to the lush landscape really has you wanting to go back even before you leave. There were several days that I would purposely try to get lost walking the property because everything was so beautiful. I wanted to see more, and explore within reason. Kiddo was  ready and willing to welcome another friend to spend the day with us. This time, it was her JetSet Friend, L, from acting class here in Orange County. Her mom and I discovered during a random conversation that we would be in town the same time and thought the girls would get a kick out of spending the day together in another country. They sure did!

Nizuc Resort Review Cancun Mexico

The Butler Did It

Another highlight of our trip…of course it had to do with food…was when our butler, Alejandro, took me on a photo tour of the property ending at The Pier next to La Punta beach. Somehow he managed to secure us a highly coveted last-minute reservation for LA PUNTA Grill & Lounge, which could be considered a tiny miracle because not only is it the coolest spot (and hardest to score a table,) but children are not typically allowed to frequent this particular restaurant. Without us knowing, somehow Alejandro convinced chef otherwise as a small farewell gift before we left. Winning!

Nizuc Resort Review Cancun Mexico

Let’s just say the Salmon Gravelax marinated for 24 hours with sugar, sea salt, balsamic and fine herbs is enough to make even the most disconcerting foodie weep tears of joy. Every bite was pure joy and I can’t remember the last time I tasted grilled jumbo shrimp this perfectly prepared. The cold coconut soup with walnut milk and Malibu rum and ginger is another dish that we cannot stop thinking about. If only I could score that recipe, we’d be enjoying it here at home. 

Nizuc Resort Review Cancun Mexico

Something I learned during our last two trips to the Mayan Riviera is as delicious as meat is, you’ll be doing yourself a huge disservice if you don’t spoil yourself with as much fresh fish as possible. The shellfish dishes specifically at these resorts are hands down quite possibly the best on earth. 

People really do win!

The reason NIZUC Resort & Spa initially pinged on my radar was because I won Ana Silva O’Reilly’s Mrs. O Around The World blog-birthday contest and we extended our stay a few days. What an amazing place. Thank you Mrs. O for such an incredible prize and for continuously sharing your amazing travel stories and recommendations with us. 

Nizuc Resort Review Cancun Mexico

Have you visited NIZUC Resort & Spa?

What did you think? We would love to know more about your experience. By sharing your tips, experiences, and memories, in our comment section below, you help fellow travelers in The JetSet Family community decide the best fit for them and their families. Let us know what you liked most, or if you have any questions about NIZUC Resort & Spa. 

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