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Netflix + Cheat: I’m Having an Affair with The Underwoods

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The word “unfaithful” sounds so much nicer than the word, “cheater.” But that is exactly what I’ve been asked to write about for my first Netflix #StreamTeam post. Netflix has challenged me to fess up, tell the truth, and set myself free by sharing how I have a fling right under my roof. The worst part? It doesn’t matter if my daughter or husband are at home. I think I’m being so sly, but the truth is they are so on to me. Our home has turned into a “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” zone. “Mommy is *working*,” we say.

The Making of a Cheater

Call it an occupational hazard, but becoming a part of the Netflix Stream Team has upped the adultress game to a whole new level. Watching for research is now the legal loophole my addiction has been looking for.

I have to work late.

I couldn’t sleep and didn’t want to wake you.

It only happened once. It will never happen again.

It’s not you, it’s me.

I didn’t think it would happen to me, but it did and it’s all Kathryn’s fault. 

Blame her. I do.

Plus, Claire Underwood’s wardrobe. I mean, c’mon!

Kathryn has been on my case for ages to watch House of Cards. The truth is, I tried on five different occasions and I ended up falling asleep even before the opening credits finished rolling. I eventually gave up on it and began binging on another program.

But the underlying issue is Knoxy is never wrong. Seriously. And for the record, I’m only admitting this because I know she’ll never stumble upon this post. She has exceptional taste in everything and is a true trendsetter when it comes to style, food + wine, and music, so what is my problem? Why can’t I get behind House of Cards? What am I missing?

It’s Official: I’m Cheating with Frank & Claire

Then it happened. I had just signed onto the Netflix Stream Team, and was about to take off for Mexico. I wanted to download a few seasons on my iPad just incase my in-flight entertainment system was on the fritz, and I’m so glad I did. At first I was mentally moaning and groaning that I picked HoC instead of something more soul filling like Devil Wears Prada, but it was all I had and I jumped in feet first. 

Before I knew it we had already gone through two beverage services and 100% invested in Claire Underwood and her impeccable sense of style. 

Then came the little white lies…

“Mom, can I use the iPad?” Which normally she could as long as her homework is complete, but that’s when I heard myself bold face lie, “No, honey, not today, Mom needs it for work.” Well, this IS work, right? So I didn’t really lie, maybe just a wee little fib?

Finally, I was caught. Red handed. I was running off every chance I could get to sneak in another episode. I broke promises to my husband, we ordered out dinner a few times, I became a full on cheating slacker. All for Frank Underwood.  I am chomping at the bit for May to arrive. I can’t wait, this series consumes me. I definitely need a hobby.

What have I become? 

At least she gets me…

Are you a House of Cards fan?

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