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Jet Set Disney: Morimoto Asia

Morimoto Asia The Best Restaurant in Disney Springs Orlando

The Best Disney Springs Restaurants


Every once in awhile you have one of those meals that knock you off your feet when you least expect it. For us, it happened recently when we landed in Orlando a few days early for this year’s Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. We had arrived at the hotel, and had not visited Disney Springs in ages, so we hopped on a shuttle and we made our way to the marketplace with hopes that we could find something we all loved. Also, it is important to mention that Morimoto Asia does extend DVC Membership discounts.


Morimoto Asia The Best Restaurant in Disney Springs Orlando


Morimoto Asia

There were plenty of great places to eat, but I caught one restaurant out of the corner: Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s Morimoto Asia. This was the place. One glance at the menu and I knew this was the place., I loved the upscale Pan-Asian selection, and I was not too proud to beg and plead for a reservation, only to feel as though it was 1999 and I was back in TriBeCa at Moomba. I even asked to let me order the food for take-out, and yep, that request failed miserably. I was dead set on trying this place, and had no plans of leaving Walt Disney World without my fix.


Morimoto Asia The Best Restaurant in Disney Springs Orlando


Just as I was about to retreat and surrender, I heard magical words: “Miss, we’ve just had a cancellation!” Now let’s get on to the good stuff shall we?


Everything on the menu sounded so incredibly delicious that it was nearly impossible to make a decision, so in true JetSetFam fashion we ordered a little of this, some of that, and a bunch of small bites to try as many flavors as possible. The room was super swank right up my alley, with cascading chandeliers and the entire kitchen was visible courtesy of floor to ceiling glass. “Momma…are those ducks? WITH heads?” I told you we could see everything!


Morimoto Asia The Best Restaurant in Disney Springs Orlando



When you are at dinner with Kiddo, and sushi is on the menu, there is no way she’s not ordering it. And then ordering it again, and again, and again. It reminds me of the “free refills” concept for soft drinks at restaurants. She’ll always start out with the tuna nigiri, and if it’s good she’ll ask the waiter for something new like salmon, or yellowtail each times he comes to check on our table.


Morimoto Asia The Best Restaurant in Disney Springs Orlando


Small Plates


You have not lived until you have tried Portobello French fries. I had no idea this was even a thing and we’re still dreaming about them. I loved them plain, but hubs could have scooped up the mentaiko mayo with a spoon. The Kanikama Rangoons were filled with crab meat and cream cheese wrapped like a spring roll, and served with a sweet chili apricot sauce, which were a hit as well. Of course we ordered the standard bowl of edamame and what I would consider a bowl the size of a bucket of wonton soup.


Morimoto Asia The Best Restaurant in Disney Springs Orlando



While we briefly considered the Morimoto Peking Duck, we felt we already ordered way too much food, so we opted for the Beef Lo Mein Noodles which was far from simple. The flavors will make this dish hard to forget for a very long time. Mixed with stir-fried noodles, napa cabbage, carrot, bean sprouts, scallions, and my favorite, mushrooms, this was simply incredible.


Morimoto Asia The Best Restaurant in Disney Springs Orlando


Just for Fun

Dessert consisted of a trio of the most delicious gelato imaginable with all of my favorite flavors: Ginger, Green Tea, and Vanilla Lavender.


Which Are Your Favorite Disney Springs Restaurants?

There are so many wonderful places to eat and shop! We would love to know more about your experience. By sharing your tips, recommendations and memories in our comment section below, you help fellow members of The JetSet Family community decide the best fit for them and their families. Let us know what you liked most, or if you have any questions about our dining experience at Morimoto Asia.

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  • Flyingkids May 30, 2018

    Asian cuisine is really interesting and boasting of flavors. Great post!


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