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The MoMA Through The Eyes of a Child

MoMA NYC Museum of Modern Art

MoMA: Museum of Modern Art

Remember that iconic scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? You know the museum one. Where Ferris, Cameron, and Sloane lock hands with the children on a field trip while Morrissey and The Smiths play in the background? Well I do, especially when I see a Monet hanging on a wall in the distance. On our recent trip to Manhattan, Kiddo and I soaked up as much culture as we possibly could. From culinary tours and Broadway shows, to shopping, sightseeing, and every museum we could fit in.

MoMA NYC Museum of Modern Art

Good Times for a Change

The MoMA, located in mid-town, was directly across the street from our town, making it the perfect last spot before it was time to board our flight back in LAX. Kiddo tends to surprise me an awful lot these days in a good way. As she gets older, I see the wheels turning in her head making more decisive decisions based on three key things: research, happiness, and gut instinct. That last day we could have ended up anywhere, but she had to go to the MoMA.

MoMA NYC Museum of Modern Art

I can’t believe the love of my life is 11, and has deep interests in things that didn’t even occur to me until I was in college. We only had a limited amount of time, so we hurried to the top floor to take in the private collection and the Fashion exhibit, and then moved down level by level.

Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night

When I bring Kiddo to a gallery or museum, I tend to walk a few paces behind her to see what catches her eye. And even though I know her inside-out, like the back of my hand, she always stuns me with what she’s most attracted to. I was certain she would fall deeply in love with van Gogh’s Starry Night, but boy was I wrong. She stopped dead in her tracks and stared at a Jackson Pollock for what seemed like an eternity.

MoMA NYC Museum of Modern Art

Is Fashion Modern?

This is by far one of my most favorite exhibits. If only we weren’t short on time I would stay on that floor and wander for days. From the dresses, to the most impressive collection of t-shirts, and suits, I was in Heaven. Just wonder if Dave Grohl knows they swiped his buffalo plaid flannel? Man, that thing is everywhere, even on Oprah’s Favorite Things List 2017!

MoMA NYC Museum of Modern Art

Somewhere in the world Dave Grohl is wondering where his shirt is…

Draw The 112th Item

The Is Fashion Modern? exhibit explores 111 items of influential clothing and accessories. Right up, Coco’s alley. The MoMA encourages visitors to draw or describe an item you want to add to the list and display it for everyone to see.

MoMA NYC Museum of Modern Art

MoMA NYC Museum of Modern Art

Other hands on experiences were table filled with fabrics and materials for visitors to make their own visions come to life.

MoMA NYC Museum of Modern Art

Exit Through The Gift Shop

Like all the great museums we have frequented, Kiddo must make that last stop at the museum gift shop for a keepsake. This time? She scored big time. A few years back on one of our trips, Coco discovered Swatch watches and decided to get one from each place she visited. Sure enough, The MoMA has its very own design and she snatched that goody up! Oh, and we caught up with these old friends as well!

MoMA NYC Museum of Modern Art


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