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The Look: So this is 4th Grade… Mini Boden Style


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This post has been sponsored by Boden as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. The JetSet Family has received complimentary products and compensation to facilitate this review.

Baby girl, this is your year! 

I could tell by the stars in your eyes, and your HUGE smile the moment you got in the car after your first day of fourth grade, that this was it. Listening carefully, I was holding on to every word trying desperately to make sense of what seemed like a wild goose chase as you recapped your first day. Descriptive phrases and big words were flying out of your mouth a mile-a-minute almost as though you were speaking in tongues. Instantly, it was crystal clear this is the grade you’ve been waiting for. The year where you would shine from the inside out. The year you will feel comfortable in your own skin. The year you (and I) will hope never ends. The year you feel alive and unstoppable. Because baby girl, you are.


#BackToSchoolWithMiniBoden Giveaway


It seems like just yesterday I saw this same glimmer of hope the moment you became a Bobkitten. It was magic, and I often wish I could bottle up those minutes and keep them high up on a shelf. You might be a mighty, mighty Bobcat now, but I foresee many more magical moments this year. Even bigger than your wildest dreams.

Less is more


So now that you are about to embark on your next chapter, there are a few things I wish for you to remember. First, always celebrate the small things, express gratitude, and remember you have the kindest heart in the whole universe. On those days when it feels like there is a gray cloud chasing you (and they will always come and go,) take a minute to pause and think of your favorite quote from Hamilton, “Talk less, smile more.” I promise you, in a second your entire outlook will change. Remember, smiles are magical and suddenly, growing up won’t seem so difficult.


Mini Boden Back to School Giveaway #BackToSchoolWithBoden | The JetSet Family


This year, I hope you take in as much as you can and enjoy it. Dad and I are here on the sidelines cheering you on to share your excitement. We are not only proud of all of your accomplishments, and whom you’ve become this far, but we believe so much in your hopes, dreams and in your future. We can already see them unfolding right before our very eyes. 


You have a special gift. And it is a rare talent many adults are still trying to hone, but you just get it.  You have this keen sense of style and it lights up your personality to a “T” without even saying a word, it’s visible by what you are wearing.




A true chameleon of sorts, you don’t allow yourself to be boxed in by trends, and can go from decade-to-decade in the blink of an eye. Classic, beautiful, and always with a whimsical twist, shout of rock and roll, or a glittered-to-the-max accessory making sure everyone within a glance knew this was a part of your signature style.

Mix and Match Inspiration


She might be small, mighty and only nine, but make no mistake, she still looks for a wee bit of guidance from dear old mom. We’ve arrived at some sort of crossroads whereas years ago, I would lay out options for her to pick from, and these days our roles have reversed. She looks to me to “OK” the final look. A nod of approval, or a wince and pursing of the lips to subtly give her the hint she might want to revisit her latest look. It’s no different this back-to-school season, she’s game for new cuts and updated tween styles to stay true to your passion for mix and match fashion, hoping to draw in inspiration from some of her favorite things.


Mini Boden Back to School Giveaway | The JetSet Family


This season we partnered with British clothing brand, Mini Boden, and she was immediately influenced by 60’s mod-Mad Men frocks, 20’s Gatsby party dresses, 60’s boho chic maxi skirts, Sergeant Pepper-slash-Hamilton on Broadway military jackets, and the finest Solid Gold Dancer tennis shoes you’ve ever seen. It was a fashion cornucopia of everything she loves. So from The Great White Way in NYC to her school playground in home-sweet-home, Orange County, Mini Boden has JetSet Kiddo covered.


Mini Boden Back to School Giveaway | The JetSet Family

Inside the World of Mini Boden


Thanks to our friends at Mini Boden, Kiddo has an entire collection of “warm & witty Britishness” styles that make her squee with happiness. She’s a fan of the comfortable fabrics with unique prints and raves about the absence of tags which she considers “absolute torture.” Her words…not mine. Boden.com also provides mom and dad peace of mind by taking care of shipping and returns over $49 and offering an array of girl sizes to choose from.




BodenUSA.com is not only extending a very generous discount to The JetSet Family readers when using this link for 25% off your next order, but it is with extreme pleasure that I present this exciting contest to celebrate the newest Mini Boden Back-to-School line at Boden hosted by I-C. Our readers will have the chance to win one of THREE $500 shopping vouchers to Boden.com.

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Photo credits: Nicole Standley

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Review overview
  • Ashley S August 14, 2016

    Thanks for the discount! My son is headed into Kindergarten this month… EEEE, I’m so not ready lol

  • Kim Croisant August 16, 2016

    Oh, I had to come by to see what you bought for your girl. I also was able to get some clothes for my son. I just love Mini Boden’s clothes and love that they are very well made!!!! Your daughter is so cute!!

  • Ellen Christian August 16, 2016

    What cute back to school outfits. Looks like they have a great selection!

  • Lisa JOnes August 16, 2016

    I Need To Check This Out Love The Styles My Girls Will Love!! Beautiful Model & Thanks For The Giveaway!!

  • Jess Benoit August 16, 2016

    Such a great post!! <3 Hamilton <3 Our baby is also starting 4th grade but we homeschool. I love the outfits and thanks for the giveaway! That would be awesome to win.

  • I had no idea how adorable Boden’s kids fashion was. Love it!!! Your girl can rock solid gold shoes like nobody’s business. She’s absolutely gorgeous!


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