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Sticking Local: Mango Balsamic Chicken

Mango Balsamic Chicken with Ginger | The JetSet Family

Tracking PixelHome is where the heart is, and that’s why we’re supporting local producers + purveyors with help from our sponsor, Foster Farms, who has been producing locally grown poultry for more than 75 years.

It’s time to get a jumpstart on my New Year’s resolutions a few months early! This fall, with the “farm-to-fork” mentality in mind, I’m challenging myself to prepare healthier meal options for my family using fresh seasonal ingredients from local producers in the area.Mango Balsamic Chicken with Ginger | The JetSet Family

I’ve always been passionate about adopting a locavore lifestyle; however convenience more than often reigns supreme. That’s until I became inspired by all the different herbs, spices, sauces and seasonings that I’ve found at the local farmers’ market. You can’t even begin to imagine the aromas and flavors I stumbled upon recently. I swear, you would think I had been traveling the world markets, but the truth is it’s always been right here in my Orange County backyard.Organic Lemon Chicken Ingredients | The JetSet Family

On any given week, I prepare poultry a minimum of three times, but I’m really looking forward to experimenting.  There’s something exciting about embarking on culinary adventures that make me giddy with anticipation. Now that I am conscious of using locally sourced products, I intend to remain on this path for several reasons, specifically: healthier food choices, benefits for the environment and to support our local economy.Simply Raised | Foster Farms Organic

Foster Farms Simply Raised Chicken Breasts make my choice a simple one. In addition to the quality, Foster Farms is a family owned company and all thier fresh chicken products sold in California have been locally grown. Foster Farms Simply Raised (without antibiotics) is delivered straight from local, California ranches in 48 hours and is American Humane Certified, and that appeals to me greatly.

I hope you are ready because let’s face it, there is no such thing as too many delicious chicken recipes in your arsenal.How to Prepare Baked Lemon Chicken | Foster Farms Organic

I knew instantly that I wanted to first and foremost create a recipe using this mango infused balsamic dressing and array of amazing seasoned salts, specifically one cutely named Magical Unicorn which lends a wonderful layer of flavor to this chicken dish. I’m also happy to be getting one last summery dish in before it became time to transition to savory meals with root veggies.  

Plus, I’m not going to lie, it’s such a wonderfully low-fuss dish. When you are working full-time on a part-time schedule, battling the school pick-up parking lane, swim practice and homework, who has time for long meal prep and clean up? Not me!Easy Chicken Dinner Prep | Foster Farms Organic

Day-to-Night Chicken

And the best part? The leftovers! Perfectly seasoned chicken is always delicious hot, cold, in soup or mixed with colorful garden fresh seasonal vegetables or salad.  Grab some greens, cut up last night’s chicken into strips, tossed in some red sliced apples, chopped peanuts, drizzle the mango infused balsamic, a bit of olive oil, mixed in my secret ingredient: fresh mint for an added pop, and top with the most delicious crumbled goat cheese. Lunch is served and delish.Fall Salad Ideas | Foster Farms Organic

And just like that I suddenly feel like I should have my own show on television. Now we’re talking!

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Photo credits: Nicole Standley

Promotional consideration has been furnished by Foster Farms. This practice does not hinder the influencer’s point of view. All descriptions are factual and accurately reflect the overall experience.

Review overview
  • Grace Hodgin October 5, 2015

    We grow a lot of our own herbs and spices and I love using them in my recipes too. It is great when one can find a recipe they love and want to share with family and friends. I like using ginger in my recipes too and I bet that lemon in this recipe really makes a wonderful diference.

  • Tori Gabriel October 5, 2015

    This looks delicious. I will have to give this recipe a try. I bet the mango goes really well with the chicken.

  • Melissa Pezza October 5, 2015

    That sounds absolutely fantastic! I love these flavor combinations. Thanks for sharing it!

  • Danielle K October 5, 2015

    This sounds like a great dinner idea. I love mangos and think that flavor paired with chicken would be so delicious.

  • Stephanie October 5, 2015

    YUM! This looks very tasty — I’m pinning to make soon!

  • Ashley S October 8, 2015

    Oh yum this dish looks amazing! I love both mango and balsamic so I definitely want to try it.

  • Rebecca Swenor October 8, 2015

    This Mango balsamic chicken. I have never made chicken this way before with ginger or mango but this sounds so good I will have to try it. Yummy!!! My family will probably love this recipe.

  • diane October 9, 2015

    That looks delicious! Of course, I would have to leave off the mushrooms for the family but I think it would still taste delicious!

  • Carlee C October 9, 2015

    This sounds like an excellent Italian fusion dish. My husband would love it because he always wants chicken as his meat.

  • Amber Edwards October 9, 2015

    we are big fans of chicken dishes. But I have never heard of a mango balsamic before. That just sounds absolutely amazing! I want to give this one a try now!

  • Travel Blogger October 9, 2015

    we like mango, this would be good to try. it looks like it came out well!

  • Nancy Johnson Horn October 9, 2015

    That looks delicious and a great idea for dinner.

  • rachel October 14, 2015

    OH my goodness this looks so tasty! I love that you buy local too! 🙂


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