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Coldplay at The Rose Bowl

Coldplay The Rose Bowl Los Angeles August 2016

This past Sunday afternoon, I found myself sitting in a ballroom of the Manhattan Beach Country Club for a blogging conference. I was surrounded by some of my closest friends and peers that I have nothing, but the utmost respect for and couldn’t wait to devour every single word they spoke.

During a particular roundtable session right before noon, I was feeling exceptionally inspired and I began to type feverishly notes as I didn’t want to miss a beat. I needed to make sure I had some great “cheat sheets” to reference when needed for when I got home.


Then it happened. 

Maybe I was distracted, or perhaps the speaker said something that reminded me too much of a song lyric, but the world around me stood still and my mind was set in an instant. “OMG, I need to take Kiddo to see Coldplay. Tonight. At the Rose Bowl.” The thought came out of nowhere.

This needs to happen. I have to do this. Right now. Before you can say, “SEO strategies,” I was on the hunt for up-close-and-personal Coldplay tickets. As in “Chris-Martin-In-My-Face-Tickets,” not “Chris-Martin-With-Binoculars-and-Jumbo-LCD-Screens.”

Coldplay The Rose Bowl Los Angeles August 2016

“If I can get 2 Coldplay tickets for tonight’s show, do you think I should bring her?”

Ummm… now here’s where my die-hard music fan symptoms come into play. Let’s think about this like rational adults for a moment shall we? First, these tickets have been sold-out for what seemed like forever, and c’mon, we all know in my younger grunge years, Nicole Standley used to be a music snob.  Now, living in Los Angeles I’m as concert snooty as it gets. If I’m not 10 feet or less away, I’m staying home, in my pj’s, and I’ll catch it on YouTube or Facebook Live from my couch.

Not this time. It was a mother’s instinct thing…she needed to be there and I was going to make this happen.

Coldplay The Rose Bowl Los Angeles August 2016

Second, I’m not really that all into Coldplay, but my 9-year-old JetSet Kiddo is a big fan. I do enjoy them; however, it has mostly to do with her and that awesome James Cordon Carpool Karaoke set they did for the Super Bowl.

Kiddo expressed sincere interest to go early on, but I hate detest, abhor crowds and the thought of me riding the solo parenting train at The Rose Bowl complete with laser lights, confetti, and 80,000 of my not-so-closest friends, did not sound appealing whatsoever. Suddenly, the thought of striking a deal with the devil didn’t sound like such a bad idea.  Maybe, just maybe in exchange for immunity, watching football every Sunday for the entire NFL season in the company of Kim and Kanye wouldn’t be thaaaaaaaaat horrible. No, I just can’t. Team Queen Bey all the way.

Luckily for us, I didn’t have to make a deal and clearly, concert miracles and up-close “Chris-Martin-In-My-Face” seats do come true… Push play to see ours:

Third, my husband was at the beach body boarding with Kiddo. So he had NO CLUE of my grand plan and rarely ever even knows where his phone is. Not that any of this last-minute planning would ever surprise him, but still. Would I be able to get in touch with him? Would they even be home in time? Everything started to seem unlikely.

So, on a whim I sent him a text “If I can get 2 Coldplay tickets for tonight’s show, do you think I should bring her?” And without missing a beat, but SHOCKING me because she had school the next day…I got the BEST response ever… “Oh, yeah! You have to, she’d love that!”

Done deal. Game on. And honey, if you’re reading this, I adore you for that text!

But now I had to battle that whole pesky little sold out issue. With a little luck and a whole lot of good karma, the band released at bunch of AMAZING tickets and I grabbed two at face value. Will call…here we come!

Clearly, concert miracles and up-close “Chris-Martin-In-My-Face” seats do come true…


Now it was time for the surprise. Kiddo was wiped out from tackling the waves all day, but I asked her about 5pm if she had it in her to go on another adventure with her and mom. “Just us?” she asked.

“Yep, I figured you and dad had an awesome time together, now it’s our turn.”

She lit up, “Well where are we going?”

“Not so fast,” I said, because I needed to be sure this crazy last minute decision wasn’t too nuts. “Girly, we’re going to be out REALLY late and you have school tomorrow, are you going to be able to handle this?”

Yes! Yes! Yes! Where are we going? 

In my best underwhelming voice I said, “Hmmm, I dunno know…feel like going to see COLDPLAY????”

And the rest was history… What do you think? I don’t think our seats were too shabby 😉

This is just one of many of my super cool DieHard music fan escapes, I mean by now you’ve all read about our Foo Fighters escapades and private shows with Beck, but we’re lucky enough because our passion has become our lifestyle.

I have an entire group of friends, well maybe we’re more like a college-educated, professional type gang, but music is our common denominator where we may not see each other between tours, but once the shows start we head to our church to worship is a part of the greatest congregation imaginable.



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Review overview
  • Lisa Jones September 2, 2016

    What A AWESOME Story And A Great Mom I Bet You Will Never Forget That Day!! I’m A Die Hard Fan Of Tony Stewart He’s umber One In My Book!! Thanks For The Giveaway I Will Be Entering!!

  • Ellen Christian September 2, 2016

    What a great opportunity. Looks like everyone had a fantastic time!

  • Shauna September 2, 2016

    Now you have to be the coolest Mom ever! My little man has been begging me to go to a concert and like you said, I am not so much into big crowds, so I keep putting it off. I think I just need to get my big-girl-pants on and just do it. LOL

  • Tai September 2, 2016

    The photos say it all!! What a great experience and as we both know, it’s always worth the being tired the next day!!

  • Lynnee September 2, 2016

    Love this – I also hate crowds – but your pictures and video made me realize how much I love concerts once I get there. Thanks for sharing!

  • Knox September 2, 2016

    So sweet. She will forever remember that night. Good going, mama.

  • Vera Sweeney September 3, 2016

    What an amazing story! I know that my kids would love to attend a concert like this.


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