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Little Twig and Sparrow

Little Twig and Sparrow pajamas

Thank you Little Twig and Sparrow for sending JetSet Tot a pair of your Girl’s Cross Patch Pajamas. They are her favorite pair now and I’m pretty sure this won’t be her last pair!

We’ve all been there, Tot needs new pjs and we run to the closest Target to grab a few pairs to “make do with.” Just two washes later, and those once super soft pajamas now look and feel like last year’s dish rags. Ick. So it was easy for me to make the transition and hunt for the best kids pajamas on the planet. I had a very easy time embracing quantity versus quality this time after making the same mistake twice. I wasn’t as concerned with the amount as long as they were going to wash well, look presentable and last long. That’s when Little Twig and Sparrow reached out. 

Little Twig and Sparrow pajamas

Little Twig and Sparrow

Brand new to the scene, Little Twig and Sparrow is an exclusive line of children’s sleepwear celebrating comfort and style while keeping you cool. Not only do their pajama sets look fantastic, but the presentation itself is fabulous and perfect for gift giving. I originally had these adorable pjs pegged for our annual 2014 Holiday Gift Guide; however JetSet Tot had so much fun wearing them on a recent trip, that I had to share the photos with you. She even asked if we could get another pair of the velour ones for her birthday trip to Sunset Marquis in January. 

For a closer look, click on any of the thumbnails below to enlarge the The Little Twig and Sparrow photo gallery. 

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Photo credits: Nicole Standley

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Review overview
  • Kelly Hutchinson November 10, 2014

    I love how cute and unique these pajamas are. I also love the little pouch they come in.

  • Daisy November 10, 2014

    What a cute PJ Pouch and pajamas. I need to get these for my little one.

  • LaVonne November 10, 2014

    Such cute pajamas. They look so comfortable too! I love that she asked for another pair for her birthday. New pajamas are so wonderful.

  • Mistee Dawn November 10, 2014

    My daughter would love those pj’s. I will definitely be checking this place out.

  • Diane Nassy (@philZENdia) November 10, 2014

    Aww, so cute. I love cute PJ’s like that. I am picky about patterns and stuff too, so this would be totally up my alley.


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