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Jack Daniel’s Distillery Tour

Jack Daniel's Distillery Tour Lynchburg | Tour of Lynchburg Tasting

A Taste of Lynchburg, TN

Have you caught the recent Our Town” commercial? It highlights the community members of Lynchburg, Tennessee and I love this darn spot. Most likely because I had the distinct pleasure of spending the day in this small town, meeting these proud people, while touring the Jack Daniels Distillery

Jack Daniel's Distillery Tour Lynchburg | Tennessee

Greetings from Small Town U.S.A.

While Kiddo was in Space Camp, I drove up from Huntsville, Alabama because how could I be so close and not visit? The drive was everything I had expected. Fields of green, American flags, and bright blue skies with the most beautiful clouds that would make Bob Ross and his “happy little friends” so happy. It was the type of place I could imagine being a child, and lying in the sunshine on the grass while wondering where the planes above me are going. Yep, the place is that special. I had no idea there was so much to do and see in Tennessee.

Jack Daniel's Distillery Tour Lynchburg | Grounds

I listened to my music and thought about my summers back in NJ. It’s funny how an hour car ride can remind you of so many things when the music is good and the memories are deep. Before I knew it I was pulling into Lynchburg, TN which resembles exactly what I picture when I hear the term, “Small Town America.”  

Postcards from Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel's Distillery Tour Lynchburg | RickYard

Many find it surprising that the distillery is smack in the middle of dry country, but they have figured out creative ways of getting around these rules including tastings. Just don’t expect to enjoy a Jack and Coke because that isn’t happening. They consider the bottles their postcards. 

Jack Daniel's Distillery Tour Lynchburg | Tennessee

Behind-The-Scenes Tour

During our tasting we tasted five different Jack Daniel’s offerings: Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack, Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel, Jack Daniel’s Barrel Proof, and Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Rye. After tasting each one back-to-back, I was left surprised at which flavors I liked the most having thought I was always more of a Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack kind of gal, but it seems I like the Single Barrel the most. Go figure.

Jack Daniel's Distillery Tour Lynchburg | Charcoal

While visiting make sure not to leave without purchasing a bottle of Jack Daniel’s White Rabbit whiskey. It’s only available in Tennessee, and you are not going to want to miss out. You can also buy barrels starting at $10,000 if you’re fancy like that. Along with the barrel, you will also receive a coveted plaque on the wall of the barrel room.  

What does the Jack Daniel’s tour include?

I opted to take the Taste of Lynchburg Tour because I wanted to experience everything Jack Daniel’s and Lynchburg had to offer. Upon walking on the grounds, my first thought was, “I love it here,” and my second thought was, “Man, this place smells incredible.” The smell in the air is one I wish I could make into a candle to light on cool autumn evenings. 

Jack Daniel's Distillery Tour Lynchburg | Natural Spring

Our storyteller-guide gave us a tour of the grounds, natural spring, and historic Barrel House 1-14, shared the history of Mr. Jack, and provided us with a tasting of Jack Daniel’s find Tennessee whiskeys. 

Jack Daniel's Distillery Tour Lynchburg | Tennessee | Miss Mary Bobo's Restaurant

After the tour concluded we walked over to Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding house for a traditional community style lunch. Each room throughout the home is a different themed-like dining room which seats about 10 people at a communal dining table. 

Jack Daniel's Distillery Tour Lynchburg | Miss Mary Bobo's Fried Chicken

They do not offer a set menu and the options are continuously changing depending on how many reservations they count each morning. The one thing you can count on are the baked apples which are generously soaked in Jack Daniels. In fact, the whipped cream is also made with Jack. Maybe the county isn’t so dry after all.  

I really enjoyed the day I spent up in Lynchburg and I am sure I will go back next summer with my husband. Learning how Jack Daniel’s is made and bottled was really quite fascinating, and a tour you do not have to be a drinker to enjoy. But nothing beats the iconic stories of the employees and towns people. They are the stuff legends are made of. 

Jack Daniel's Distillery Tour Lynchburg | Tanks

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What is your favorite Jack Daniel’s drink?

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Review overview
  • Judy Sharp August 1, 2017

    If you get a chance, try Jack Daniels Silver. Not sold in US for some reason but we always get our bottles in Duty Free when returning home. The BEST!

    • Max August 1, 2017

      Stock up on Silver aselect when you see it because it is no longer produced, they have now reverted back to a 100 proof “Single Barrel for travel retail instead so although an amazing taste, each Barrel is different unlike Silver

  • ‘Looks really cool.

    I generally try to tour areas where whisky is famously distilled. And judging by the pictures, this is a “don’t miss.”

    ‘Nice one!

  • Bob July 20, 2019

    What is the special gift you get with the Taste of Lynchburg Tour? I can’t figure out why this tour is so much more expensive than the others. I understand a meal is included, but the restaurant prices don’t like like enough to justify the extra cost?


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