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Family Matters: Getting Organized in 2017

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My new year’s resolution is not to GET organized, but to STAY organized. See how CURAGO is helping me do just that with this sponsored post.

Get It Together

New year means new commitments, which in our family simply translates to the most convenient definition of mass chaos. I wish I were exaggerating, but the struggle is real friends. I know, I know. This should be filed under first world problems, but the fact of the matter is I happen to be well, the most perfectly imperfect, well-organized unorganized person on the planet. OK, that last sentence might have been a wee bit confusing, but I know you get me. Why? Because you are my people and that’s why I love you.

CURAGO |ˈko͞o rä gō |

One would think managing a family of three shouldn’t be that difficult for an educated, professional woman, but I’m clearly proving everyone wrong. I knew I was in desperate need of something more than a dry-erase board, but less than a human personal assistant. I needed CURAGO. 

From one parent to another, do yourself a huge favor and start 2017 with CURAGO, you’ll be so glad you did. I knew the instant I downloaded the shared family organizational app to my iPhone this was going to be a game changer. Not only could I keep my “tribe” in sync, but it improved the way my family communicated making our schedules events and to-do lists update in real time and available 24/7. CURAGO is now our family’s central information hub and command center. Being able to see my timeline at-a-glance allows me to mentally prepare for everything, and even things like laundry. How? With one touch of the phone, I can make itemized lists divided by categories and think ahead to see when I need fresh swim towels, if I need to “layer” Kiddo for a school trip, or what we need when packing for our next trip.

CURAGO organizational app

School functions, birthdays, sports practice, date night and concerts, CURAGO has you covered!

And I’m not only connected with my immediate family, my gal pals and I are all in CURAGO cahoots as well! This was amazing over the holidays when we were trying to get together for our annual gift-giving and cookie exchanges. We could jump on and see which nights worked best, and friends knew they could “swing by” if nothing was planned. CURAGO is equipped with privacy settings, so at the same time, I didn’t have to bother the girly girls with details of my husband’s plans. 

So before you do anything else, let 2017 work for you and your family with the help of CURAGO by downloading the app now.

This post has been sponsored by CURAGO.


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