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After the Gold Rush: Let’s Stack

Some say there is an art to stacking bracelets, especially when it comes to gold bangles; however me? I believe the more, the merrier, and avoid playing by the rules. Mix and match your fine jewelry with fab costume and beaded pieces whenever you can. A nice leather cuff or belt bracelet can go a very long way. Scratch that, add the Hermes Jumbo and call it a day. The one cuff I am wanting big time right now is this fab personalized on from Coordinates Collection. I’m having a very hard time deciding between The Legacy and The Meridian. What a great push present or Mother’s Day gift this would make. 

Coordinate Collection Legend Bracelet

And the more clunk, the better. Have fun with it. The collection below has everything ranging from an $18 House of Harlow to $6,000 Cartier and everything between to give you nice selection. 

The one thing I’m not really a fan or 100% sold on is mixing golds. I never did the tri-color thing in the late 80’s and I’m not planning on doing it any time soon. Let the record show, I do love myself a good rose gold collection, and have plenty of platinum and white gold, I’m just not a mixer.

Oh, and don’t neglect the ticker. That’s right, your watch! You have two wrists, celebrate them both. Stack both arms with a great collection of bracelets so that Coachella meets Fifth Avenue. You’ll adore the results and get a ton of compliments. 

May I suggest…

Interested in learning more about the pieces? Simply hover your cursor over the bracelet that tickles your fancy and double click for more information.

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Review overview
  • Ashley M April 19, 2014

    You had me at Tiffany 😉

    • Ashley M April 19, 2014

      But I like that they include everything in a variety of price ranges.

  • Patty April 19, 2014

    It’s good to have a mix of shapes and textures. Lot’s of pretties there for sure.

  • Debi April 19, 2014

    Those are beautiful bracelets. I love the black and gold one.

  • k April 20, 2014

    Yep, those are beautiful. I feel naked if I don’t wear a bracelet or two.


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