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Attack of the Veggie Monsters

How to Make Veggie Monsters

Peppers, Rhubarb + Cauliflower…Oh, My!

Eat your veggies! How many times did you hear that classic line as a kid? I bet if mom made an edible veggie garden and veggie monsters like these for you, things would be a lot different. We enjoy lots of organic and farm fresh veggies in our home, and it’s never been a battle with Tot. She’ll opt for apples and carrots over chips and cookies after school. Make no mistake, if you offer her a cupcake, she’ll devour four, but while at home, she makes pretty healthy choices.

Healthy Veggie Monsters


To encourage her even more, I hope to serve up these fun scenes when JetSet Tot is home after school.  

Taste a Rainbow

I first discovered and fell in love with edible vegetable gardens when I saw one on Busy Philipps Instagram. It was so cool! Must be the latest catering rage, because just days later, we saw these amazing displays inside Restaurant Stadium at the All-Star Chef Classic in Los Angeles thanks to The Amazing Kid Company.

This was a no brainer, kids were lined up ready to pick their own veggies and devour some veggie monsters. Just wait until you see these beautiful colors! Children eat with their eyes, and it’s no wonders the line for the veggies was longer than the sweet treats. 

Will you please look at how fantastic a few of these displays, monsters and edible gardens are? Which vegetables would you like to incorporate more into your family’s diet? Which vegetable(s) have been the biggest challenge when it comes to your kids?

Photo credits: Nicole Standley

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Review overview
  • Debi October 9, 2014

    That’s adorable. I love that my family, well most of them, do enjoy veggies.

  • Travel Blogger October 9, 2014

    Haha these are so cute and a great way to make food fun!

  • Dee @ Cocktails with Mom October 9, 2014

    How cute is that! What a fun display of veggies.

  • Mistee Dawn October 9, 2014

    This is so awesome. ALL veggies have been a problem with my daughter. lol. Thank goodness she loves fruit. I have to sneak the veggies in. But this is a great idea!

  • Barb W. October 9, 2014

    Too cute! Love the colorful displays! I also love experiment with all types of vegetable both in growing in our garden or finding at the farmer’s market. My kids are certainly more prone to try the fun colored ones than the standard staples.

  • Heather October 9, 2014

    Oh fun! I’m totally intrigued by the edible dirt.

  • Jenn October 9, 2014

    Beautiful array of veggies. My kids love pretty much every vegetable I serve the brighter the better though.

  • katrina g October 9, 2014

    I love it. so cute and a great way to have fun with veggies.

  • Tiffany (Fabulous Mom Blog) October 9, 2014

    I really like the purple cauliflower, it’s so pretty. Now I want to make edible fun monsters and gardens with my children.

  • Coralie October 10, 2014

    This is a lot of fun. I love this idea to get my kids interested in Veggies more. It is always fun to come up with new ways of serving them. The brighter the better for sure. Thanks!

  • Heather Johnson December 12, 2015

    My family loves all colors of vegetables. The more colorful, the better. Next Halloween I will have to make some veggie monsters with my kiddos!


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