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How to Make Valentine’s Day DIY Heart Crayons

Crayon Hearts

JetSet Mom is the farthest thing from Martha Stewart. The thought of me having to tackle a crafting project makes me twitch a bit because I know I would somehow end up gluing my eyeballs shut, getting glitter in my hair, and inhaling some crazy amount of spray adhesive. To me, none of that sounds like a zippity do dah time. But this year is different. JetSet Tot is a kinder and her whole world revolves around learning by doing. She enjoys arts & crafts so much. It’s painfully obvious it’s time for me to step up my game. 


Picasso & Mrs. B.

Last week at Tot’s Daisy Scout Investiture ceremony, I noticed the most beautiful artwork hanging on the wall of Mrs. B’s classroom. I was jaw-dropped. The pictures were the student’s self-portraits. They had just studied Picasso and I’ve never seen anything like it. The colors! The talent! The details! I hurried up and snapped a photo of a small section of the wall and when I got home I became obsessed! I couldn’t stop looking at this photo. I was immediately brought back to the first time I saw Steve Wynn’s Le Rêve in person 2-feet away from me. And I was truly inspired. I hurried up and put this photo up on my Facebook and Instagram where it immediately received so many likes and kind comments.


How to Make Valentine’s Day DIY Heart Crayons

In Kindergarten, Tot shared a sweet story a few weeks ago that CSB (we’ll call him cute shy boy) in her class was going to be her Valentine (sigh), but I had 30 other fantastic kids to consider. With those Picasso self-portraits still fresh in my mind I knew I wanted to  show JTot a few Valentine’s Day options with bright primary colors. Then I remembered those cool DIY Heart Crayons  I saw on Pinterest! She loved them!



And they were EASY-PEAZY!

  1. Use your old broken crayons or grab two (2) boxes of 64 Crayola Crayons.
  2. Remove the wrappers.
  3. Cut the crayons into small pieces. The hippie chick in me loves the smaller shavings to give more of a tie-dye effect, whereas larger chunks will look like a more styled color-blocked appearance.
  4. Fill your plastic heart ice-cube trays (available at Target), with the broken crayon pieces. Fill to the top of the rims.
  5. Set your oven for 200-degrees and bake for 25-minutes.
  6. At 25-minutes peek to see how they are melting and either take them out and let them sit, or continue to bake them for 5-minute increments.
  7. Once completely melted remove from oven and let cool.
  8. Once the hearts are hard and no longer warm, flip over and carefully removed each heart one by one from the tray.

Final count: 40 Valentine’s Day Heart Crayons. And 3 casualties. R.I.P.

If you really want to get JetSet fancy dancy, put a dowel or a kabab skewer in the heart while baking so you can later add a ribbon!


Overall, our Valentine’s Day DIY Heart Crayons were a complete success and JetSet Tot loved them…I just hope Cute Shy Boy did too!

Hugs & passports,

– ndsxx

Photo credits: Nicole Standley
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  • Carol November 16, 2017

    Perfect and fun way of using old crayons. They look so wonderful and are fun to color with! Thanks for sharing.


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