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Green with Envy: Tips for a Beautiful Lawn

Tips for Beautiful Lawn | The JetSet Family

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I have a confession to make. There is nothing more I covet than a beautifully lush green, manicured lawn. I’m not sure if it’s in my DNA since my grandfather impeccably took care of his landscape, or perhaps simply because I have such fond summer memories of laying around in the grass catching lady bugs, enjoying ice pops, and star gazing, but whichever the case, #ILoveMyLawn and partnering with Grass Seed USA on this post is a true labor of love. 

Natural Grass: Both Beautiful & Functional

What I didn’t realize is while natural grass is aesthetically pleasing for the eye, there are many reasons it is environmentally important as well. Grass Seed USA has found that green lawns are both beautiful and functional. Not only do they provide curb appeal and community pride, but specifically in urban areas, grass absorbs noise and deters littering, prevents erosion, naturally recycles, reduces your overall carbon footprint and has a natural cooling effect. 

Tips for Spring Lawn Care & Clean Up

We recently hired a new landscaper to come and help my husband maintain the landscape around our property and do some much needed spring cleanup. Lawn maintenance is vital in producing a green lawn all year round, and the best season to repair and revive: springtime. 

Step 1: Rake – Rake your lawn to remove dead grass, old leaves and any other debris that accumulated over the winter. Raking enables you to see any bare or worn areas that need attention, and it also increases soil contact when seeding and allows new young grass to grow more easily.

Step 2: Aerate – Lawns that are heavily trafficked or buried under large piles of snow for a significant amount of time can suffer from soil compaction. You can hire a professional to aerate your lawn for you, or you can rent a core aerator, whose hollow tines will pull small plugs of soil out of the ground, allowing increased movement of water, nutrients and oxygen into the soil. Aeration can also increase the soil contact with seeds and promote new growth.

Step 3: Seed – Spring is the ideal time to reseed thin or bare patches in existing lawns or to establish new lawn spaces. Seeding now to repair winter-damaged areas will allow the grass to grow in healthy and strong before summer, when the lawn will likely experience the heaviest use. Talk to a turf specialist at a garden store or your local university extension office to help you select the right seed for your area. The specialist will be able to identify a seed that is similar to your existing lawn, or suggest an alternative choice if you’ve experienced recurring problems. After you plant the new seed, water lightly but regularly to make sure the reseeded areas stay damp until the new grass grows in.


Step 4: Control weeds – If your lawn has been overrun with crabgrass or dandelions in the past, you may want to consider applying a pre-emergent herbicide in the spring before the weeds emerge. A healthy, lush lawn will squeeze out weeds, but a damaged lawn may need some help. Talk to a local garden specialist about which herbicide is right for your lawn and the best way to apply it. Herbicides can kill grass seeds, so if you’ve applied seed you’ll want to make sure you use a product that will not affect the new growth.

Step 5: Tune up your lawn mower – Get ready for the first mow by giving your lawn mower an annual service that includes changing the oil, changing the spark plug, swapping out or cleaning the air filter, and sharpening the blade. Most lawns are ready to be mowed when the grass reaches a height of 3 inches, although newly seeded areas or recently overseeded existing lawns should be mowed closer to 2 inches until the new grass is established. Remember to mow with a frequency that allows you to cut less than one-third the height of the grass. An easy-to-follow rule is to let it grow no taller than 3 inches and cut it to no shorter than 2 inches.

Who is Grass Seed USA? 

Grass Seed USA is a national coalition of grass seed farmers and academic turf specialists with a wealth of experience in studying, growing and harvesting grass and grass seed. The coalition seeks to inform and educate residential and commercial customers about the benefits of grass and best practices for responsibly growing and maintaining healthy turf. 

How do you enjoy your lawn?

It’s almost summertime and grass plays such a huge part when it comes to enjoying the season whether it’s for picnics, lawn games, or outdoor movie night. We would love to know more. By sharing your tips, experiences, and memories, in our comments section, you help “grow” The JetSet Family community into a trusted source we can all depend on. 


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Review overview
  • Marysa April 17, 2017

    We work hard to make our lawn beautiful. These are great tips! We already started raking and thatching. We have added topsoil and done a lot of other treatments. So nice to have lush grass all summer!

  • Leah April 18, 2017

    Great tips! I will admit, we don’t do much with our lawn. Because we’ve had such a mild winter, our grass is extremely green and beautiful right now! It looks like we did all the right things, but I will admit that we just got lucky!

  • Scott April 18, 2017

    Perfect timing as I just got finished fertilizing the lawn for the Spring. Next up is dethatching and then throwing down some seed!

  • KIm Croisant April 18, 2017

    Well, that’s a good confession and not one to keep to yourself. I too love a beautiful green lawn…as a matter of fact, I long for it. I remember as a child having the greenest grass ever and I haven’t had that at my house…..still waiting!!

  • Jacqui Odell April 18, 2017

    Our current lawn is a mess. It’s so dry here!! I hope our new lawn will be easier to take care of. (We are moving this summer!)

  • white May 31, 2019

    Thankful for your tips!! Awesome stuff here, can’t wait to hear more about lawn care as my lawn needs a lot of work this summer

  • Jason October 25, 2019

    Some treatments for lawn pests and weeds can be harsh on the lawn, especially those that are applied by the homeowner and not by a turf professional.

    Avoid treating for weeds or pests using chemical pesticides on the hottest days of Summer, instead wait for milder days to do any such spraying, or better yet, try to treat for pests and weeds in Spring, before Summer arrives.

  • lanasmith February 1, 2021

    Thank you for your tips . great post about lawn.

  • jackson February 15, 2021

    Your tips are handy. It was beneficial for us to tell us How to Keep Your House and lawn Clean. You have so much useful information on “Tips for a Beautiful Lawn”. My grandfather is always worried about the beauty & cleanses of Lawn. I have read your steps; I have had a wave of hope. I will follow these steps and the product you used.

  • irfan August 15, 2021

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