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Back-to-School = Hawaii for Spring Break

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I thank my lucky stars everyday that I figured out a way to earn a living doing what I love the most: Traveling and shopping. It really is a dream job and I still can’t believe I’ve written on this blog about our trips, travels, and amazing destinations all over the world for almost a decade. What started out as a hobby has grown bigger than I had ever imagined, and collecting passport stamps one country at a time has become a dream come true. The best part? My family plays a huge part in the success of this website, so we get to experience so many wonderful people, places, and things together. 

My hobby became a reality thanks to miles. I learned very early on how to make the most of our every day purchases by parlaying all of the miles we earned into content for the blog. Usually it would revolve around flights, but there have been times I redeemed points for gift cards to be used at theme parks and towards souvenirs, camera equipment, hotel stays, and often times items that are featured in our annual holiday gift guides.

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The JetSet Family on Earning Rewards

A big reason we charge everything is because of the rewards. And when I say, “everything,” I mean EVERYTHING. Groceries, gas, electric, cable, school donations, car insurance, car payments, car down payments, internet, swim lessons, concert tickets, automatic bill pay, and every other utility you can think of is placed directly on our card. We began charging everything because we found it to be easier to organize our yearly taxes, but when we saw the amount of miles we were actually accumulating for each purchase, it became a no brainer. For every dollar we were spending on a necessity or bill, we were earning single, double, and triple miles and points which in-turn would grant us different freedom to enjoy life and do things we might normally not be able to do like: SPRING BREAK IN HAWAII! 

Why Hawaii you ask? Because even The JetSet Family needs a break! A vacation just for us that doesn’t revolve around content for the blog. Our 10 days in Hawaii are uninterrupted and have absolutely nothing to do with work. We put away our laptops, turn off our phones, and enjoy simply each other in one of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth. We’ve been going every other year since Kiddo was little and it’s on the books again for this school year. 

Earning Quality Time One Purchase at a Time

Believe it or not, one of the biggest contributions to our “Spring Break Mileage Fund” is courtesy of back-to-school shopping for clothing and supplies. Kiddo is growing so quickly, and had significant growth spurts over the summer. Of course she was thrilled since this meant she’d be getting an entire wardrobe revamp, but I was dreading the invoice. She was in need of all new clothes from her head to her toes, and all I saw were dollar signs everywhere I looked. We were on the hunt for stylish threads that would not only keep up with her active lifestyle, but still had room for her to grow a few more inches. So we headed over to her favorite shop in Fashion Island.

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There she picked out some of the cutest outfits which ultimately converted into some serious mileage. Suddenly, the sting and initial sticker shock was gone as I imagined being on a white sand beach with a piña colada in one hand and a Vanity Fair in the other. And that’s when I screamed over the dressing room door, “Looks great! I think we should get it!” 

Charge it!

Credit cards have allowed us the financial freedom to not only enjoy life, but each other. Without credit cards we wouldn’t be able to enjoy certain parts of the world due to the rising cost of air travel. But selecting the right card can be daunting. That’s why we’ve teamed up with CreditCard.com to find the card that fits your lifestyle best. CreditCard.com provides you with a stable filled with innovative tools and advice, and they want to help people “seize greater opportunity through smarter spending.” They promise to provide objective and useful comparative information to help determine the card that is right for you.

Whether you are looking to up your travel game with airline rewards, hotel accommodations, or rather shop ’til you drop earning cash back and retail perks, CreditCard.com has you covered!

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How Do You Use Miles?

We would love to know more about how you’ve used your miles. By sharing your tips and experiences in our comment section below, you help fellow members of The JetSet Family community decide the best fit for them and their families. Let us know what you liked most, or if you have any questions about CreditCard.com.

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