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Welcome to Hotel Irvine

Hotel Irvine | The JetSet Family

Behind the Orange Curtain

Every so often, I find myself daydreaming of my carefree rockstar days of hanging out on the Sunset Strip, or flying off to Vegas for a weekend of mayhem. I wouldn’t exactly refer to them as “the glory days,” but they were pretty awesome and I have some great stories as proof.

Those moments have been long gone for quite some time, and while I really don’t miss them, sometimes I do. Before I even realize it, I quickly snap back into reality when I remember first and foremost that I am a mom, and then how much I dread L.A. traffic when you don’t have a car service at your disposal. Immediately, without missing a beat, I appreciate my real housewife of Orange County status more than ever. 

Hotel Irvine | The JetSet Family

What I didn’t know, is there is a hotspot right here in Orange County that captures the thrill and excitement of Los Angeles and Las Vegas: Welcome to Hotel Irvine. It also happens to be the location for this year’s Women In Travel Summit which I’ll be attending and I’m really excited to getaway and show my new friends from all around the globe how wonderful HI really is! 

Work. Play. Eat. Nap.

There is one word to properly describe Hotel Irvine: Impressive. It ranked high-up on the WOW factor scale and the best part? It’s really family-friendly. So for those of you looking to head to Disney, but want to stay outside of the park, look no further.  Personally, I would skip over those other Disney-friendly “neighborhood” hotels, because Hotel Irvine is worth the short drive and the only place to consider in my opinion. It’s a property where parents can appreciate the finer things, but Junior still has a blast. Talk about the best of both worlds — this is it and you are going to love it! 

Hotel Irvine | The JetSet Family

One of the highlights of your stay will without a doubt experiencing Chef Jason’s creations at EATS Kitchen & Bar. What a cool place, with a chill vibe and every bite is packed with amazing flavors. I promise you, there is something on the menu for everyone. And don’t worry if you can’t decide on what to get because there is a very good chance you’ll be back. Soon.  I love that it leans more towards the casual side, but you have the option of ordering everything from Thai Sea Bass to bar snacks and comfort food as well. Like I said, something for everyone. 

HI Perks

Another escape at Hotel Irvine is Club 12. It’s a haven where you can retreat to the outdoor terrace and soak up amazing OC views, or the big game on flat screen TVs. Club 12 offers exclusive privileges like a dedicated concierge to assist with all of your needs and bypass the lobby upon arrival and head straight to the 12th floor to check-in.

Hotel Irvine | The JetSet Family

There is also a spread of coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer / wine and small bites for breakfast and dinner which hit the spot. 

I’m pretty sure the Marketplace Room Service was my favorite part of the entire trip. Good-bye traditional room service, hello perfection! No longer are you a slave to the after-hour standards and double digit bill that comes along with it. The Marketplace has everything and whatever your heart desires can be sent up to your room 24/7. I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I became obsessed with these Sabar Hummus Pretzel Snack Packs they sold and once my friends at Club 12 got wind of it, my room was stocked. And then restocked. And then stocked some more. It was Heaven. 

Hotel Irvine | The JetSet Family

And finally, I can’t close out how wonderful our experience at Hotel Irvine was without mentioning the Borrow-a-Bike program. Hotel Irvine provides complimentary bikes for you to borrow and see the O.C. sights. If that isn’t the coolest, I’m not sure what is!

For more information on Hotel Irvine visit them online at www.hotelirvine.com and on Facebook and Twitter

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  • I’ve seen their movie nights and posted them in my membership club in Temecula and people seem to really enjoy them. I have yet to get over there myself. But, this is making me think we should make a weekend out of it anyways. Such a fun place to stay!

  • Yatramantra December 6, 2016

    What about the Room rates?? Can you share some more photos ????


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