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Peace of Mind

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“Mom? When am I allowed to stay at home by myself?”

Ugh. Tackling the tough questions. That loaded sentence stopped me straight in my tracks like a freight train. When CAN she stay home by herself? Gulp. I’m beginning to break a sweat just thinking about it, not to mention backed in a corner. I’m not sure how I’m going to spin this so I did what any other woman navigating this thing called parenthood would do at a time like this…Google it! Turns out, by many state laws throughout the country, 10 makes her old enough, but in California she needs to be “mature” enough. So riddle me this, “If she’s not old enough (i.e. mature enough)  to my standards to have her own smartphone, how is she mature enough to stay alone?” Something about all of this makes me feel really hypocritical. Especially, when we haven’t had a landline in over 10 years. The thought of her having to fidget with a tablet during an emergency doesn’t give me comfort. It makes me more anxious.

She does have a “smartwatch” that she can call us in case of an emergency, but I would still feel a whole lot better with added security. One of the very first things we did when we moved was have a security system installed in our home, but as my daughter ventures into staying home alone at longer spurts, I feel it is imperative that we install a more advanced system not only can we trust with our daughter, but one that puts our minds at ease while on the road traveling. Thankfully I was approached by Lowe’s to try their smart home security system. The more I learned about Iris DIY smart home + security system by Lowe’s the more I appreciated the way it was the perfect fit for our home and family. It connects an entire range of Iris-compatible smart devices throughout our home with one single app.

She Means The World To Me

Keeping Your Home Safe with IRIS

I wouldn’t trust my home or her to just anyone.

I feel much better whether I run to the store, or leave the country that our home’s central command center is in my pocket wherever I may roam. Iris delivers all the benefits of professional security monitoring, without the hassle of a lengthy contract and peace of mind for just $14.95 a month. Considering I spend more on lattes a month, this is a no-brainer. Oh, and did I mention how user friendly the devices and apps are? With a single mobile app I am able to manage my home security needs with the customer service I’ve come to know and love from Lowe’s.

Keeping Your Home Safe with Iris by Lowe's

And have I mentioned I sleep a lot better as well. By installing Iris by Lowe’s, I have an ever deeper sense of security that allows me to enjoy a good night’s sleep instead of feeling as though I’m on a constant state of “high-alert” during my nightly 8 hour siesta.

With over 100+ compatible smart devices from sensors, switches and plugs, to keypads, locks and garage door openers, I’m ready to make many transitions throughout my home as summer progresses.

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Game Changer Alert! See which Iris By Lowe’s products @jetsetfam is using to protect our home. MyIrisSecurity AD

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