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C’mon Get Happy

My Happy Place Los Angeles


We needed a little sunshine. I needed a lot of happy. 

Kiddo had a medical scare over Thanksgiving that ended her up in the ER, and we just needed to hit the reset button. I had snagged tickets to Downtown LA’s Happy Place a few weeks before, but I managed to keep it a secret so the timing couldn’t be more perfect. 

My Happy Place Los Angeles

My Happy Place

“Mom, where are we going?” 

“My Happy Place.” 

“What? Louis Vuitton?”

True story.

My Happy Place Los Angeles

The Big Yellow Building

My first impression was, “This is what the hottest club in a Curious George book would look like if the Man with the Yellow Hat was the bouncer.” Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to see what was waiting for us inside. I had seen sneak peeks on Instagram, but I wanted to be surprised. 

What to Know Before You Go

The space was one giant maze leading room-to-room, leaving guests vying to see what was beyond the next wall. The music piping through the speakers overhead was a mix of fun recognizable tunes, and while the theme was “happy” let’s just say there were a few employees who looked and acted less than thrilled to be there, and more bored or annoyed. Basically, miserable. But the crowds didn’t let their frowns and lack of enthusiasm crush their good time.

My Happy Place Los Angeles

Is It Worth The Price of Admission?

I would certainly go back for another round of photos, but for those who visited the Museum of Ice Cream, it’s hard not to compare the professionalism part when it comes to expecting that level of happiness and excitement between the two. Also, the lighting inside this LA pop-up is pretty rough when it comes to taking great photos. Some of the best installations have the darkest areas and shadows. Keep this in mind as you snap those selfies.

My Happy Place Los Angeles

What I will say is this place has a ton of potential and could really live up to its name with the right cast. Why everyone seemed so Les Mis is beyond me. 

Have You Visited Happy Place?

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