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Disneyland During Halloween

Disneyland during Halloween

Happiness is Disneyland during Halloween. It’s been what seems like forever since I participated in IG Travel Thursday. I’ve been traveling a lot, too, so there is plenty to cover. For those who do not follow The JetSet Family on Facebook (the nerve!), I announced with excitement that after a few assignments, I have officially joined the Savvy Sassy Moms crew as a regular contributor! I love the team my brilliant friend, Andrea Fellman, has put together and I’m thrilled she approached me to cover travel + entertainment for her rockstar website. I joke that I’m SSM’s newest Traveling Pop Culturist, (but I kinda like it. It has a ring to it.)

Disney during Halloween

Instagram Travel Thursday: Disneyland during Halloween

Sticking with the travel + entertainment theme, I represented the SSM team at Disneyland’s Family Media Day where things #justgotspookier! There is an undeniable magic at Disneyland throughout the year; however I believe Halloween Time is my absolute favorite. Between the villains, the colors, and Jack Skellington’s arrival of The Nightmare Before Christmas at the Haunted Mansion, there is no other time of year I would rather visit the parks.

Disney during Halloween

Instagram Travel Thursday with Skimbaco Lifestyle

What is Instagram Travel Thursday with Skimbaco Lifestyle you ask? It’s complete fabulousness. Together with six other bloggers, Katja Presnal has merged my two loves into a weekly feature that I’m excited to start. Each week we link up to her website Skimbaco Lifestyle and share an Instagram post. This week I would also like to introduce my JetSet followers to Reeta Laaksonen of House of Anais. I’ve become a big fan of Reeta through IG Travel Thursday because when I grow up, I want to live inside Reeta’s Instagrams. 

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When was the last time you visited ‘The Mouse’?

Hugs & passports,

– Nicole

Photo credits: Nicole Standley

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Review overview
  • Reeta @houseofanais October 17, 2013

    Nicole, first I wanted to say congrats for becoming a contributor on Savvy Sassy Moms! The one holiday our family missed from the US is the Halloween and after seeing this fabulous Disneyland pictures we might just have to fly over next year to visit Disneyland. Halloween is getting bigger here in the UK too, but this year we’ll be in Sri Lanka and somehow I think it’s not a big deal there…. and thank you for the mention of House of Anais also, happy to hear you like my posts and images!

  • Ann October 17, 2013

    I love Disney at Halloween. We went to Disneyland in Paris on Halloween Day a few years ago and I’m itching to do the same this year. And I love that picture of your daughter’s shadow!

    (Congrats on SSM!)

  • Farrah October 18, 2013

    So super fun. We were there 1 year ago right before we left the stats. It was a fantastic time to go and see the park all decked out for Halloween! it was also a really really popular time to go too. And wow was it hot last year! But all so worth it. Hoping to see Disney Paris this year since we need our fix 🙂

  • Congrats!! I look forward to reading your posts on Savvy Sassy Moms too. And I read all the US Disney posts with little bit of envy, we do have Euro Disney here, but it doesn’t quite have the same status as Disney World and Land in the States. Gorgeous pictures nevertheless!! 🙂

  • Jess October 19, 2013

    I’ve never even thought of visiting Disney at Halloween – but I love the idea! It seems like exactly the right mix of creepy and fun.

  • Kristi D November 3, 2013

    We were just there, this week. We love that place, especially during Halloween and Christmas times. So much fun!

  • Winter January 9, 2014

    I really want to visit Disneyland. I’ve never been and Halloween looks like so much fun in the land of smiles.


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