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I Spent the Day with Chris Evans and Had No Idea He was Captain America

Chris Evans Captain America

Every once in awhile Hollywood comes out with a new motion picture to tug at our heartstrings and remind us that there IS good in this world. And that my friends, is exactly what the new movie, Gifted, opening in theaters today with Chris Evans (Frank Adler) and Octavia Spencer (Roberta) did to me. This was a movie that hit very close to home for me. I am going to do my best not to reveal any spoilers…

I know what it is like to lose a parent at a young age and feel incredibly alone. With no siblings to lean on, you don’t feel as though you fit anywhere in the world, and that no one understands you because really they don’t. Many adults at that moment in my life had no idea what it felt like to lose a parent so how could they possible understand how I felt? No fault of their own, they simply didn’t. And I certainly didn’t know any other children in my community who had lost a parent, so they couldn’t relate. All anyone could say was, “I can only imagine.”

I wasn’t a genius like Mary (McKenna Grace) plays in the movie, but I do remember always being a lot more independent and mature than most kids I grew up with. Clearly, my environment of living with a single mom played a huge part in this, but even as a very young child, I remember not being able to connect with kids my age because I just wasn’t interested in the same things. I never like Sesame Street, but wouldn’t miss The Love Boat or Dallas for anything, and all I ever wanted to do was dress up my Barbies and redecorate their homes because fashion and interior design appealed to me so much more. I guess the moral of the story is I wish I had a Frank Adler in my life.

Chris Evans plays Frank Adler, a single man, raising a child prodigy who happens to be his niece after his sister’s passing. His neighbor, Roberta (played by Octavia Spencer,) also plays a critical role in the child’s upbringing. All Frank hopes for is a normal upbringing and school life for Mary, and all goes as planned until his mother becomes aware of Mary’s high mathmatical abilities and threatens to remove Mary from Frank’s care. Despite the seriousness of the film, Gifted is a funny and wonderful film for the entire family.

I had the opportunity to meet Chris, McKenna, and Octavia last week and they made me love the movie even more as I watched them discuss each of their characters and the overall story.

Do you have plans to see Gifted?

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