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Sonic Highways: Foo Fighters at The Roxy

Foo Fighters Roxy Secret Show Sonic Highways 11-14-14

November 14, 2014 (West Hollywood) – No one really knew what to expect on Friday. Whispers of the (not so) secret Foo Fighters concert started to emerge, but details were seriously under wraps. The only thing we knew for certain was it would follow the Sonic Highway episode pattern and be held at The Roxy, a significant L.A. venue. No one could buy tickets if they tried. 

The answer is: NO

Editors, publicists, and every person in H-town with “a friend” or work connection was out of luck and told: NO. There were no favors. No exceptions.

It wasn’t a concert, it was a party. Veuve Clicquot flowed, dancing commenced, and there were even Jaeger shots and Grohl on the bar. Three-hours of honoring our beloved rock and roll.

Entry for tonight’s show was the definition of finding a Golden Ticket and I got my hands on two. It wasn’t easy, but I did it the old fashion way and was caller #98 on the 5pm drive hour thanks to L.A.’s radio station, ALT 98.7.  I haven’t tried, let alone won anything off of the radio since 1993. And guess what… People really do win! Now that my name was on the list, I could rest easy, but they were not about to give me any details until the 11th hour and traffic from OC to LA is usually a beast. Especially, during rush hour on a Friday. Thankfully, I made it in line a little after 7pm and still was able to walk right up to the stage. 

Foo Fighters secret show Roxy 11-14-14


I saw multiple, “The answer is: NO!” Facebook posts from the powers-that-be connected with The Roxy and Foo Fighters leading up to the show which explained the unusual lack of celebrities that night. Typically, they never miss the chance to hit up a hometown show at the legendary Sunset Strip club. But a little bird (i.e. Dave Grohl) mentioned there were only 420 guests in that tiny room and sh*t was about to get real. 

Oh, and it did. 

Foo Fighters Sonic Highways

I probably should be selfish and not mention this, but at The Roxy, there is a special space on the side of the stage where the A/C flows all night long. It’s a great spot because as the hours pass, it gets really hot, sweaty and smelly and you can a.) breathe and b.) move around freely if needed. So Amy + I claimed this valuable concert real estate and got ready to screen the latest episode of HBO’s Sonic Highways featuring the Los Angeles and Southern California music scene. We figured as the hour passed more people would load in leaving us squished in true concert style, but they didn’t and we were so happy. 

Foo Fighters secret show Roxy 11-14-14

I got a text from Jill. Perry Farrell was in the building. What are the chances that my two favorites were going to perform? Maybe he was just a fan catching the show? My heart was racing. I like surprises, but I couldn’t handle this. I’m always the one when the setlist is posted, I’ll quickly count the songs, but try my hardest not to read the titles.  Not this time. I immediately thought, “Holy crap. Is Mountain Song on there? I bet if it is Perry is performing.” So I quickly gave the setlist taped to the amp an Inspector Gadget once over and sure enough: MOUNTAIN SONG – I died.

Then the party began. Not gig, not performance, not concert, not show – a party – a pure celebration. The Veuve Clicquot flowed, dancing commenced, and there were even Jaeger shots and Grohl on the bar. Three-hours of honoring our beloved rock and roll. It was truly such a fun night. The way concerts are supposed to be. A night to let loose. 

Foo Fighters made being a fan of music and live shows fun again. I can’t begin to describe how much fun the Wasting Light tour was a few years ago. Scavenger hunts, secret shows, playing fan’s garages – you name it.  There’s an excitement being a Foo Fighter fan, and I’m so grateful I discovered them years ago in college. Even if Brian M. from SHU still has my copy of the first Foo Fighters album twenty years later. 

Pictures or it didn’t happen

I try not to watch shows through the screen of my iPhone, but I couldn’t NOT capture some of the best moments of the night. I promise I was (semi) discreet, well except when I told Chris Shiflett to smile and maybe, just maybe there was a moment I gave Grohl the “mom” stink eye and raised eyebrow when he invaded my personal space during Perry’s performance. I joke, but having Dave Grohl shredding his iconic blue guitar an inch from my nose while I’m trying to duck to see the greatest performance of Mountain Song ever… I was a bit overwhelmed. I’ll forgive him though. #firstworldproblems

Click on any of images below to see the full-size photos. 

The other special guest of the night was legendary rock and roll icon, Joe Walsh, who joined in for “Outside” off of the new album and his classic, “Rocky Mountain Way.” Let’s just say, the dude still has it. I wish I got some photos, but let’s just have fun and blame it on Grohl. No, seriously – I usually take so much pride in my photos, but I just wanted to have fun, so excuse the blur and bad lighting.

And the very best part…

Foo Fighters played 27 songs, including my personal fave “Generator,” but  “Something From Nothing” off their latest album was so tight, perfectly executed and besides “Generator”, possibly the most memorable. It noticeably stood out and I stood there drop-jawed.

But the best part? When the guys channeled their alter-ego the Holy Sh*ts and broke out into my favorite song by The Rolling Stones, “I Miss You.” How can you NOT dance? Even Dave Grohl busted a move with the disco. Take a look at this pure gold fan-shot footage by Kimball Shirley on Instagram… Obviously, Dave Grohl belongs on Soul Train. 


A video posted by Kimball Shirley (@kimballshirley) on

Thank you. 

Thank you, Dave Grohl, Chris Shiflett, Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel, Rami Jaffee and the super-funk-fantastic, Pat Smear, for an incredibly fun evening. I’d also like to include the staff and crew who made it all possible as well because ladies and germs (ode to Pat…) they work their butts off.

Anyway, I might have been wearing a blazer, scarf and mom jeans holding up the stage, but I felt like a reckless rock and roll kid again. See you in January, Mr. Grohl. I can’t wait to celebrate OUR birthdays at The Forum

Setlist: Foo Fighters 11-14-2014

The Roxy – West Hollywood, Los Angeles
Sonic Highways secret show

The Feast and the Famine, Learn to Fly, White Limo, Arlandria, Times Like These, Rope, The Pretender, My Hero, Hey, Johnny Park!, Monkey Wrench, Congregation, Cold Day in the Sun, In the Clear, I’ll Stick Around, Generator, Walk, Outside and Rocky Mountain Way (with Joe Walsh), Mountain Song (with Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction and Joe Walsh), All My Life, Miss You (Rolling Stones cover), Dear Rosemary, Breakdown (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers cover), Best of You, Something From Nothing, Under Pressure (Queen + Bowie cover), Everlong.  

Photo credits: Nicole Standley / Header photo and Perry Farrell by Tai James / Instagram video by Kimball Shirley

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