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Foo Fighters I Heart Radio Show

Foo Fighter iHeartRadio

March 17th, 2014 (Burbank) I spent 36 hours in D.C. with my new Hilton Mom Voyage team (more on that awesome experience in a few,) but I was focused on hauling my butt home from Washington D.C. on Tuesday with enough time to make it to the Foo Fighters invite-only show hosted by iHeartRadio. There is not an ounce of Irish in my blood; however when Dave Grohl invites you to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with him, Chelsea Handler and the band – you dance. 

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, or on Facebook and Twitter, you’ve all ready seen most of what went down last night. I’m well aware of how lucky I am to live in L.A. and have access to my favorite band, but I will admit — nights like tonight never get old. 



I made it home by with almost no time to spare. Got the girls together and we headed up to Burbank for another awesome intimate fan show with the Foos. These intimate hometown shows have spoiled me for life. This particular show was maxed out at 400-ish fans, and since it was GA standing room only – no matter where you were, you stood only a few feet from the band. 

After a quick Q&A moderated by Chelsea, the Foo Fighters took stage once again delivering the fans a night of pure fun. LA shows are particularly good times, because its almost a family.


There are moments of the show where the band recognizes us, flashing smiles and head nods in our direction, and even give us a hard time jokingly when we suggest they perhaps play “Enough Space” (because we discussed the entire ride up how much we wanted to hear it.) From the stage Dave tells Tiffany and I, “Pffft…I don’t know, we haven’t even gotten to the taking requests part of the show.” Whoops. Sorry, Dave. 


Foos blared through about 15 radio songs, but they certainly didn’t phone in the show. It was a blast, and once again, I will count my lucky scars that I live in L.A. and get to see these 400 people shows quite regularly.


Foo Fighters have been my favorite band since college, and every show I just love them more and more. And I especially love it when it’s a proper Moms Night Out and we’re back home in bed by 10:30 on a school night.

Thanks Foos. See you at that Vegas Residency. xx

Setlist: All My Life : Congregation : The Pretender : My Hero : In the Clear : Times Like These : Something From Nothing : Walk : These Days : Outside : Best of You : Everlong



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