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My Travel Resolutions for 2018

Travel Resolutions for 2018

Travel Resolutions

Confession: My New Year’s resolutions never stick and I rarely can make it 24 hours without flubbing it up somehow. However, 2017 reconfirmed my love for family travel and exploring the world more than ever, and I am ready to see in places and revisit old ones with new eyes. The Eyes of my soon-to-be 11-year-old. As we take on places Kiddo has never been, I tend to write a million lists and decorate my vision board with all the places I hope to show her this year.

But there is a big difference between planning, dreaming and actually doing what I intend to do. This year, my goal is to make these words here on and my vision board come to life. All those words and magazine tear sheets become a reality. So here are my travel resolutions for 2018:  

Commit to Travel

Instead of staring at that list for one more second, book the travel you can take at this moment. Not sure where to go? Who cares! Regardless, if it is over a weekend, or even a night in your own city, book a room, buy a flight, or secure tickets to a show, game or attraction. The time is now, don’t waste another moment that you will never get back! 

Don’t make travel difficult, it doesn’t have to be. If you have the means make it work, and if you don’t, find a way! 

Travel Somewhere New

Sticking with the new year theme, in a few weeks I’ll be posting the Top 100 Travel Spots on my bucket list. I’ll be highlighting 50 here in the U.S. and 50 overseas that I’ve dreamed about visiting since I was a wee little globetrotter.  Even revisiting places I’ve been before, I’m making a point to do as many new things as possible. New hotels, new attractions, new people, new restaurants, I want it all. 

Less Is More

When it comes to my travel resolutions I have two words for you: Affordable Luxury. In life, you get what you pay for, so when it comes to travel I am not about to skimp. Affordable luxury is all over the place as long as you know where to look. We knew a long time ago that no matter what our financial situation would be, that we wanted to make sure we were able to take a family vacation every year. So we decided purchasing a vacation club was the best way to invest in our travel future. The total cost has paid for itself over and over. 

Volunteer Tourism

This is one of my most important travel resolutions. I watched on as friends and many families used their vacation time for the good of the world, and one of my favorite trends for 2018 is the flux in volunteer tourism. Combining volunteerism and tourism has been around for a while, but you cannot ignore how incredible it is to be able to give back to the communities you visit. Whether you are heading to the Amazon jungle with Our World Village, or spending time in the Middle East as my friend Kristen of Rage Against The Mini Van did in 2017, you can arrange with tour operators who specialize in tourism travel so you and your family give back your next trip by improving the lives of other families.

Volunteer tourism is high on my priority list for 2018. 

Make Friends Along The Way

One of the most important “Life Lessons” I learned this year was during our summer trip to Panama. We were traveling with Eric from TravelBabbo.com and we were talking about how much better life is when you have friends all over the globe. He has a really good point, now I practice what he preaches and when I’m traveling, I make sure to update my status letting my friends know where I’m headed, and if they want to catch up. 

2018 Travel Resolutions

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Soul Searching Travel

As many of you know, I am a Oprah Magazine Insider. This is one of the most important titles I carry. I’m not only proud to represent Oprah, but I’m shining a big spotlight on my life and concentrating on my legacy. How I want to be remembered, what I want my life and my actions to say about me, and most importantly how to become a lighthouse and pillar of strength to those who matter most in my life. The best place to recharge your soul is alone time, with silence and the beauty of the world around you. This year, I’m making a point to spend more time alone, away from home where I can regroup, recharge, and refocus my energies. 

Ancestry Travel

Want to do something really fun with me? Test the DNA of yourself and your children with a kit at home, and take your next trip based on the results! Embark on a world tour to return to your roots and visit where your ancestors roamed. The three of us received our results this year, and we were shocked to find out Kiddo and I were part Panamanian and Mexican now we can check our trips to Panama and Mayakoba, Mexico off the list!

Mono y Mono

Whether my travel resolutions have to do with more one-on-one time, or how much I can afford, I hope to take more solo trips with Coco. I learned last year how important mother/daughter bonding is for a tween. This past year, Kiddo and I traveled to Mexico, Alabama, Tennessee, and Central America together and not only became closer than ever, but we learned so much about each other. 

Why Are Travel Resolutions Important?

Resolutions hold you accountable, and I like to plan and plot my year out, and pepper things in as they come. My travel resolutions help me navigate the my year and decide how 


What Are Your Travel Resolutions for 2018?

We would love to know more about you! By sharing your tips, experiences, and memories, in our comment section below, you help fellow travelers in The JetSet Family community decide the best fit for them and their families. Let us know what you liked most, or if you have any questions about travel trends for 2018.

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